Decorating with Pantone's Greenery

leaf unfurling
Pantone's Greenery. Dave Anajao / EyeEm / Getty Images

The results are in, and experts agree: Pantone's choice for the Color of the Year--Greenery--is a clear winner. The muted duo of Rose Quartz and Serenity brought about a color controversy last year, and the deep blue-red of Marsala fell a little short of expectations the year before that. But Greenery seems to be a choice retailers, influencers and consumers love.

This refreshing and energizing shade of green is sure to breathe new life to any room. When I consulted Kate Smith, color expert,...MORE about how the various shades of green affect one's mood, she cited greens--like emerald--as a color associated with wealth and success. Shades of green found in nature promote new beginnings and harmony. And more yellow-based greens--like apple--boost energy and revitalize a room. 

This year's Greenery seems to fall in the latter category; it has burst onto the scene with a bold new spirit. Style directors from a variety of different brands have lots to say about the Color of the Year for 2017. Read on for the top four reasons to use Greenery as an accent color in your home.

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    Greenery as a Transitional Color

    green indoor outdoor rug
    Solana Fern Indoor Outdoor Rug by Birch Lane. Birch Lane

    Meredith Mahoney, founder and design director of Birch Lane, had this to say:

    "When I heard Pantone’s announcement of Greenery as the 2017 Color of the Year, I was thrilled. Year after year, we love to mix green into our outdoor collection at Birch Lane."

    No doubt, green is the official color of nature. As the color of new beginnings, Greenery conjures up the idea of new leaves unfurling, and so it works perfectly for transitioning an outdoor space for spring. Mahoney says, "Work in...MORE Greenery accents with a few other pops of color. Try navy blue or teal throw pillows with a green rug and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how your backyard has transformed from simple to stylish!” 

    Greenery isn't a one-trick pony, though. "[It] works during all seasons of the year, allowing it to transition from season to season." It's a no-brainer in the spring and summer, but looks equally beautiful in the fall when combined with citrusy oranges and yellows. And of course, it pairs with red perfectly for a modern take on the classic holiday palette. 

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    Greenery As a Tropical Punch

    tropical floral pouf
    Greenery adds tropical punch. Joss & Main

    Donna Garlough, style director at Joss & Main, describes more of a modern, organic look for Greenery. She says,

    "This year’s Color of the Year is really speaking to a citrus trend that we’re predicting for 2017--colors like kiwi, citron and chartreuse made such a splash at last fall’s décor markets, and we know we’ll see lots of them in the next year. This light green is a color that works really well against white and cool neutrals. When layered into a room, Greenery adds both a tropical...MORE freshness and a bright pop.”

    Greenery would bring tons of energy to a neutral room with lots of white and wood tones. For this look, try accessories such as this pouf printed with a trendy banana leaf pattern, a pair of green ceramic lamp bases, or a statement piece like a fiddle leaf fig tree

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    Greenery as an Accent Color

    green ceramic vase
    Logan Vase. AllModern

    AllModern's design director, Sarah Whitman, sees green as "a soothing and relaxing color that represents harmony and renewal," but acknowledges that this particular shade packs a little more punch. She says,

    "I was thrilled to hear that Pantone picked Greenery as their 2017 Color of the Year! For those not afraid of bold design, pick large scale pieces such as an area rug or sofa in this eye-popping color. They will pair surprisingly well with dark woods and other neutral shades...MORE already found in your home."

    However, Greenery makes a great accent color, too. Sarah says, "Not looking to redo your entire house? No problem. Pick smaller décor items, like vases and accent chairs or pillows and wall art, that bring a pop of color into your established space."

    No matter what colors you already have in your home, "you'll be delighted how well Greenery blends," Sarah says. It can go "with darker jewel tones and brighter, light palettes.” Just as a green plant goes with anything, so Greenery will also work into any color scheme. From pinks and purples to yellows and oranges...Greenery goes with them all.

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    Greenery as a Way to Get Organized

    acrylic storage
    Acrylic storage with agate knobs. TJ Maxx

    Last but not least, Amelia Meena, style expert for T.J.Maxx and Marshalls, sees green's harmonizing potential as a way to promote balance and order through home organization pieces such as these acrylic storage drawers with trendy agate knobs. She says, 

    "Pick a color scheme to unify the space--too many colors offer competing aesthetics that add to existing clutter. Greenery, is a perfect choice to evoke a sense of renewal and freshness within any decor setting."

    And, Amelia points...MORE out, Greenery just happens to match well with organizing basics in "natural tones (think: woven baskets, wooden bins), modern lines (think: glossy white and clear acrylic) and most everything in between, giving you plenty of organization combos." 

    And don't forget about kids' spaces, which are prone to lots of clutter. "Kids love color," Amelia points out. "So create a color system for their clothes, toys or schoolwork to help teach them organization. And what better color to work with than Greenery?" Certainly, it's an energetic, youthful shade of green and it works well with other bright and kid-friendly colors often found in playrooms. As an added bonus, making playtime cleanup simpler means kids of any age can get involved.  

    There's no doubt about it: Pantone chose a fan-favorite this year with Greenery. It has the potential to transition spaces through the seasons; lend a contemporary organic feel; breathe life into existing rooms; and bring harmony and balance into a home, all of which will make it one of the more popular choices for Color of the Year in quite some time.