Decorating Your Bedroom in Cottage Style

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    Cottage Bedrooms

    French cottage bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Country Living

    The cottage decorating style is easy to love, although not so easy to pin down, because it embraces a great deal of variation. What all the different incarnations of cottage style share in common, however, is an airy, casual, welcoming feel; a palette that leans towards the light side; mismatched, repurposed or distressed furnishings; and a mixture of patterns. In the typical cottage bedroom, you’ll find an emphasis on the bed, with plenty of thick bedding, toss pillows and throw blankets.

    French...MORE Cottage

    This French cottage bedroom shows off all the cottage characteristics to perfection. The red, yellow and cream palette ties all the patterns together beautifully, while maintaining the cheerful, easy style that makes cottage so suitable for the bedroom.

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    Sophisticated Cottage

    Adorable turquoise cottage bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of The Little White House on the Seaside

    Perhaps you love the cottage ease and friendliness, but you also like a bedroom with a simple, sophisticated style. No problem, you can have both. The black, white and turquoise bedroom shown here isn’t a bit fussy or overdone, yet it has all the cottage staples – a mostly light palette, floral pattern, mismatched furniture and most important of all, an easy, airy and welcoming vibe. The framed letters spelling out “RELAX” provide a little touch of whimsy.  

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    Rustic Cottage

    Rustic cottage bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Cottage doesn’t have to mean dainty and frilly, although there is almost always at least a touch of flowers somewhere in the décor. This rustic cottage bedroom, with its brown, gold and white color scheme, is reminiscent of a mountain lodge or a woodland cabin, but the botanical prints over the bed, floral-print throw pillows and bed skirt, and thick white bedding provide plenty of cottage comfort.

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    Country Cottage

    Red, white and blue country bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    “Country” and “cottage” just seem to go together like hand and glove, and this is the style most people think of when picturing cottage décor. The bedroom shown above is a charming example of American country cottage. Like all cottage variations, it has a mostly light color scheme with an emphasis on white; mismatched furniture with a distressed finish, and an emphasis on the bed. Country enters the picture with the rooster lamp, the painted iron bed and the multiple quilts. The red, white and...MORE blue color scheme is especially popular in American cottage and country styles.

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    Contemporary Cottage

    Sage green eclectic bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Cottage style is nothing but accommodating, so if you want to keep it contemporary, feel free to do so. Look at this bedroom – the sage green, soft brown and white palette is soothing and unfussy and also quite of-the-minute. There are none of the ruffles and bows often associated with cottage style, but there IS plenty of distressed wood (check out the board bed); texture and pattern, and lavish attention to the bedding, with lots of toss pillows, quilts and throws.

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    Vintage Cottage

    Bedroom with vintage and flea market decor.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    Is your favorite weekend activity shopping flea markets or garage sales? Do you love repurposing items from one area of the house into another, like the old shutters brought inside here? Do you like wearing the vintage fashions of the 1940s or 1950s? If so, you probably also love the bedroom shown above. It’s a fine example of vintage cottage – lots of flea market finds, an almost all-white palette except for the painted dresser and an obvious love of all things feminine, particularly if they...MORE are from the mid-1900s.

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    Romantic Cottage

    Romantic bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    For the most part, any cottage-styled bedroom is romantic. The ease, the attention to comfort, the emphasis on the bedding, the floral patterns and the little extra touches of personality create a naturally romantic feel. But some cottage bedrooms, like the one shown here, take it a little further. The draped white fabric over the head of the bed is the most obvious romantic touch, but the chandelier, with its “candles” and dangling red crystals, adds an extra touch of romantic appeal to the...MORE space.

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    Coastal Cottage

    Coastal cottage bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

    Maybe you don’t live near a lake or the beach, but there’s no reason your bedroom can’t pretend that you do. Coastal cottage is one of the most popular incarnations of this versatile style, and one look at the bedroom shown here will show you why. The painted iron bed and mismatched nightstands are typical cottage, while the ocean-motif throw pillows and interesting bits of coral on the nightstand and over the bed bring in the sound of the ocean – even if it’s a thousand miles away.  

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    Eclectic Cottage

    Eclectic bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    If you like to mix-and-match styles, bringing in a bit of this and a bit of that, you’re an eclectic decorator. Luckily, cottage is perfectly amenable to an eclectic decorating style. Look at the bedroom shown here – the bamboo window shade, distressed wooden floor, nubby area rug and bed full of quilts are quite country. The furniture, on the other hand, along with the draperies, is rather French in feel. And the chandelier, the mismatched artwork, the colorful – but light -- palette and the...MORE multiple patterns are all whimsical examples of cottage at its finest.