Decorating Your Bedroom with Polka Dots

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    Decorate Your Bedroom With Polka Dots

    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Inherently cheerful, polka dots make a statement, wake up a room and work well with many other patterns. Perhaps that’s why this simple shape is a decorating classic. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to add panache to your bedroom with polka dots. When harnessing the power of the dot, however, you need to be careful… while going dotty on your walls, bedding and curtains is a fun look for a child’s room, it’s spot overload in the master bedroom. When decorating with dots, limit the pattern to just one or two areas of the bedroom for a look that is whimsical but still mature. If you want further proof that polka dots aren’t just for kids, check out the eight rooms shown here.

    Polka Dot Bed

    Here’s a fantastic example of how well polka dots play with other patterns. Look at this unexpected, yet gorgeous, polka dot bed. That alone would set the decorating bar high in any bedroom, but when you add a boldly chevron-striped rug, nail head trim and glen plaid bedding, you soar far over the bar into the heights of decorating triumph.

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    Polka Dot Chair

    Photo courtesy of Tom Stringer Design Partners

    A palette of white, blue and cream is very serene and restrained, making it perfect for the bedroom. But without a little something extra, that serenity can slip over the border into the doldrums. Still, there’s no fear of entering dullsville when you spark up your neutral or pale-paletted bedroom with a case of the dots. For proof, take a look at the way the polka-dot chair in this bedroom catches your eye and adds just enough pizzazz to light up the room, without in any way detracting from the overall peaceful vibe of the space.

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    Polka Dot Wall

    Photo courtesy of Architecture Art Design

    Now here’s an accent wall that really makes a statement! It takes a dramatic personality to want color this bright and dots this big, but the basic look is versatile enough for any room. Imagine a pale brown wall with cream dots or a deep blue wall with small silvery spots – choose a color combination with little contrast for a subtle effect, or a high-contrast combination for drama. Depending on the colors you choose, and the size of the dots, this look is equally at home in a child’s room or the master bedroom.

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    Polka Dot Bolsters

    Photo courtesy of Pinto Designs and Associates

    Want a quick and easy dash of dots? Then add a couple of polka dot throw pillows or bolsters to your bed, as in the room shown here. Immediately, your bedroom gets a little bit cheerier, a little bit more interesting and a little bit more styled. Of course, you can take it further if you’d like, but don’t go too far. Because this bedroom has a very clean style, it can handle the fantastic four-poster bed (which amplifies the dot theme) and the small armchair that mirrors the polka dots on the bolsters. Perfect.

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    Polka Dot Bench

    Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

    Here’s a bedroom that is bright and cheery, yet keeps everything under control by sticking with a limited palette and patterns that are matched in scale. What really sets this room apart, however, are the somewhat-retro/somewhat-contemporary black-and-white polka dot bench with clear Lucite legs, and the round, golden semi-flush mount ceiling fixture. Those two accents alone could spice up any style or color of bedroom.

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    Polka Dot Rug

    Photo courtesy of Mediberian

    Here’s a very attractive bedroom furnished with transitional furniture and a contemporary color scheme. Even if the owner had stopped there, it would be a great-looking room, but the addition of the polka dot area rug lifts it a level higher. Whether you choose to keep the color subdued, as in this room, or go with a bright-and-happy rug, when you’re walking on polka dots, you can’t help but feel good.

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    Polka Dot Ceiling

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Sure, you could sleep under the stars, but it’s just as fun (and a bit less expected) to sleep under polka dots instead. A polka-dot ceiling adds just enough style to blast any bedroom out of a style funk, but when you go with gold metallic dots, like the ones here, it’s a little bit glamourous and luxe as well. You can paint dots yourself, or buy self-adhesive dot decals. Go sophisticated metallic, black or brown in the master bedroom, crazy-bright in a child’s bedroom, or match dots to any decorating palette.

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    Polka Dot Bedding

    Photo courtesy of Kohl's

    It’s the bedroom, after all, so your bed is always the star of the space. Get dotty with polka dot bedding – the black-and-white set shown here is proof that dots can be quite sophisticated when they want to be. Remember though – unless you’re decorating a child’s bedroom, when bedding is this bold, you’ll do best keeping the rest of the room in a supporting, not starring, role.