How to Decoupage a Suitcase

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    Decoupaged Suitcase Craft

    How to Decoupage a Suitcase
    Sherri Osborn

    The outside of this old suitcase was stained and a little beat up but I loved the vintage look of the hardware and the leather trim and handle. I figured the perfect solution for beautifying it was using decoupage!

    I should mention that my suitcase was constructed using a heavier fabric-like material so I was not at all worried about the decoupage medium and material adhering to it. While I am confident that you could get similar results decoupaging a suitcase that is made of a less porous...MORE material, like plastic, the finished product might not be as durable as mine.

    I dug through my fabric bins and found a collection of fat quarters I have had for years. I thought these fabrics had a bit of a vintage look and would go well with the brown handle and trim.

    If you want to decoupage your own suitcase, begin by gathering your supplies.

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    Gathering The Supplies

    Decoupage Supplies for the Suitcase
    Sherri Osborn

    Before you start any project it is easiest to gather together all of the supplies. For this project you will need:

    Once you gather together all of your supplies, you are ready to start the decoupaging.​

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    Start Decoupaging Your Suitcase

    Start Decoupaging Your Suitcase
    Start Decoupaging Your Suitcase. Sherri Osborn

    The first thing I did was to cut my fabric into small squares. They were anywhere between 2 to 4 inches big. They do not have to be cut perfectly! It is easiest to use smaller pieces like this because you can work in small areas at a time and not have as many issues with air bubbles or creases.

    Work in a small area at a time. I initially thought I would do one row at a time, but I found it was better to brush on the decoupage medium for one square at a time. First, brush a thin layer of decoupage...MORE medium on the suitcase, and then place the first square on. To place the next square, brush a thin coat of decoupage medium over your first square and then onto the suitcase. You will want each piece of fabric to overlap the other piece of fabric. I did work in rows, but you can do it in whatever manner works best for you!

    Now, finish decoupaging your suitcase.

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    Finishing Your Suitcase

    Tips for Finishing Your Suitcase
    Tips for Finishing Your Suitcase. Sherri Osborn

    Settle in and take your time arranging the fabric pieces and attaching them to your suitcase. Continue working in small areas until the outside of your suitcase is completely covered. Make sure you allow each side plenty of time to dry before you flip it over so you don't end up with nicks in your work of art! This project may take you several days to complete, but the finished product is worth it.

    Once you have all of the fabric pieces in place and the decoupage medium is completely dry,...MORE apply another thin layer of decoupage medium over the pieces again. Let each side dry before moving onto the other side.

    The outside of your suitcase should now be done and you can move onto refinishing the inside of your suitcase.