Decoupage Ideas

Free Decoupage Project Ideas

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next decoupage project, try some of these free decoupage ideas. Find out to how to make decoupage plates, furniture, and so much more.

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    Almond Can Organizer

    Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft
    Almond Can Organizer.

    Learn how to decorate a nut container using fabric and decoupage techniques and then dress it up with a fancy bow or other craft supplies.

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    Decoupage Candy Wrapper Pot
    Candy Wrapper Pot.

    This clay pot was decorated with colorful candy wrappers and a little bit of paint.

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    Coin Dish Craft

    Decoupage Coin Dish Craft
    Coin Dish Craft.

    You can make this coin dish using a bowl made of paper, plastic, glass, or styrofoam. You can cut small pieces of coordinating paper to decorate it or even tear the paper into pieces.

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    Coloring Bank Craft

    Decoupaged Coloring Bank Craft
    Coloring Bank Craft.

    Learn how you can make a custom bank out of a coffee can and pictures drawn and colored by you or your kids.

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    Decoupage Comics Pot
    Comics Pot.

    A visitor named Erica shared this clay pot she made using pictures cutouts from comic strips and decoupage techniques.

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    Decoupage Crayon Wrapper Pot
    Crayon Wrapper Pot.

    I love this creative way to use up crayon wrappers. It is an excellent way to recycle the wrappers if you remove them from the crayons to make recycled crayons.

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    Daddy's Caddy Craft

    Decoupaged Daddy's Caddy Craft
    Daddy's Caddy Craft.

    Use these instructions to cover a coffee can using pictures you dad would like and you can even write a special message using stickers.

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    Decoupaged Fabric Clock
    Fabric Clock.

    This tutorial teaches you how you can use decoupage medium and fabric strips to make a clock that matches your decor.

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    Decoupage Fabric Wall Hanging
    Decoupage Fabric Wall Hanging.

    This is such a fun and easy way to add some colors to your wall and also to use some of the fancy fabrics you can find in the stores these days.

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    Flat Marble Photo Magnet

    Flat Marble Photo Magnet Craft

    Learn how you can make magnets by attaching a photo to the back of a clear, flat marble using decoupage techniques.

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    Garden Seed Box

    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box Craft
    Garden Seed Box.

    I made this seed box out of a plain, white box I found at the craft store of $3.99. I covered it with garden themed fabric and wrote "Garden Seeds" using stickers. For a finishing touch, I tied some ribbon pieces around the handle and glued on some small vegetables.

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    Decoupage Hippie Pot
    Hippie Pot.

    Check out this decoupaged hippie clay pot craft, made by Erica St. John, using fabric pieces.

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    Jewelry or Desk Organizer

    Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer Craft
    Jewelry or Desk Organizer.

    Follow these directions and try your hand at covering an egg carton with fabric scraps of pieces of paper.

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    Decoupage Nature Notebook Craft
    Nature Notebook.

    A visitor named Ashley shares how she decorated the cover of her notebook using dried leaves and flowers. You can use these ideas to decorate a notebook for every class you have.

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    Paper Clock

    Decoupaged Paper Clock
    Paper Clock.

    This clock face was decorated using fancy scrapbook paper and decoupage medium. For the numbers, I used buttons, but you can use any items you have on hand.

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    Paperweight Craft

    Decoupaged Paperweight Craft
    Paperweight Craft.

    This project sheet teaches you how to turn an ordinary rock into a paperweight using paper made glue. You can also watch this decoupage paperweight how-to video.

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    Photo Canvas Wall Hanging
    Photo Canvas Wall Hanging.

    This is a unique and creative way you can display some of your favorite pictures.

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    Pill Bottle Necklace

    Pill Bottle Necklace Craft

    A visitor named Judy explains how she crafted this colorful necklace out of a fabric covered pill bottle.

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    Decoupaged Plate Craft
    Plate Craft.

    Discover how easy it is to decorate a glass plate using pictures and decoupage medium. You can also watch this decoupage glass plate how-to video.

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    Recycle a Desk Using Decoupage

    Recycle a Desk Using Decoupage
    Recycle a Desk Using Decoupage.

    Read about how Wendy and her daughter used decoupage techniques and paint to give a desk they found in the trash new life.

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    Ribbon Covered Vase.

    You can turn a boring or vase, or even a glass or mason jar, into an elegant vase or candle holder.

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    Suitcase Make Over
    Suitcase Make Over. Sherri Osborn

    I found an old suitcase at a thrift store for dirt cheap, but it needed a makeover. Learn how I turned my old suitcase into a craft case I love to carry everywhere.

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    Decoupaged Table
    Table Make Over.

    A visitor named Linda found this table at a thrift store and decorated it with photos she had taken of flowers.

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    Tin Can Candy Holder

    Tin Can Candy Holder Craft
    Tin Can Candy Holder.

    These tin can treat holders are made by Sharon, and she uses them as hostess gifts when she is invited to parties.

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    Wedding Card Box

    Decoupage Wedding Card Box Craft
    Wedding Card Box.

    This card box was made to look like a three layered wedding cake. The boxes are a set or 3 paper mache boxes, and we covered them with black and white paper.