Paper Craft Roundup: Decoupage Projects That Will Inspire You

Make Everyday Objects Special with the Traditional Art of Decoupage

Decoupage is one of the easiest and cheapest paper crafts you can make. You probably already have the necessary supplies on hand. All you need is glue, paper, and an object to apply decoration.

Although decoupage is more popular than ever today, the craft had its roots in the seventeenth century.  Venetian cabinet makers invented the art form as a way to mimic hand painted furniture that was ever so popular with the European aristocracy of the time. Often called “the poor man's art” decoupage...MORE made it possible for the ordinary folk to have furniture that was similar in style to that which was favored by the upper classes.

Decoupage continues to be a favorite paper craft to this day. It is easy to create, allowing almost anyone to decorate furniture and other items with stunning results. Easy items to decoupage include mirrors, frames, furniture, bookshelves, plates, ceramics and boxes.

Even though this art form is easy to create, it does take a lot of time. The decoupage crafter needs patience;  the projects take awhile to dry. If you are interested in trying this ancient art form, be sure to click on the links below to view the many finished decoupage projects that others have made for inspiration.

If you find that you love decoupage and want to learn more about the craft, be sure to visit the website National Guild of Découpeurs-Découpage Artists Worldwide. It is an organization that provides education and networking for those who enjoy the art of decoupage and want to connect with like-minded people!



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    decoupaged tiles
    Big Bead Little Bead/ Flickr

    The next time you want to give a personalized gift but want to keep under your budget, consider making trivets. Trivets are easy to craft and cost almost nothing. All you have to do is go to the hardware store and buy some small tiles (commonly used for floors and walls). Cut some beautiful origami paper to size and glue to the top of the tile. Seal with a decoupage medium. That is it! Wrap the tiles with some beautiful matching ribbon and your gift will be complete. Easy-peasy!



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    fish mobile
    Design5 Studio/Flickr

    Buy some wooden shapes at your local craft store, and decoupage with beautiful scrapbook paper. Add a metal ring, and string together with fishing line to make the cutest mobile ever.

    Make you mobile from animal, fish, flowers or abstract shapes. Go on and get creative! Mobiles will add whimsy and drama to your environment!


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    Turn Junk Furniture into Funky Art

    decoupaged night stand
    Anne Bourne/ Flickr

     Take some old furniture that has seen better days, and turn it into a funky piece of pop art. What a fun way to recycle a nightstand that was ready for the garbage, into something whimsical that is pretty and brings a smile to the viewers face. Use your creative skills to come up with a unique piece that will be treasured for years to come!

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    French Decoupage Desk

    This decoupage furniture makeover is so pretty! Jen from transformed an ugly old worn desk into a contemporary masterpiece! I just love the black and white decoupaged drawers set against the distressed black chalk paint frame. Check out Jen's site to see more of her fabulous furniture makeovers! This type of project is fantastic when you are short on cash but want to live well!

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    decoupaged art journal

     Every artist needs a journal to keep their thoughts and drawings in. Decoupage a journal cover with gorgeous papers, and you will have a keepsake journal that is just as beautiful as your musings and pictures. It also makes a lovely gift for that special artist in your life. Who wouldn’t love it?

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    decoupaged wine bottle
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    This paper craft project will encourage you to drink more wine. Just kidding! We all tend to collect bottles for recycling, so why not make some lovely vases out of them. You can find my wine bottle decoupage tutorial here. The blue and white cutouts will add an Asian flair to your home decor!