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Learn How to Decoupage With These Video Tutorials

Use these decoupage video tutorials to learn how to create a variety of decoupage projects. After you watch these decoupage videos, you can read through my How-To Decoupage tutorial and browse through pictures of other decoupage projects. You can also check out other craft how-to videos if you like.

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    How to Do Decoupage

    How to Do Decoupage Video
    How to Do Decoupage.

    This video will help you learn how you can use decoupage to turn an ordinary item into a fancy craft. Once you watch the video, check out my step-by-step decoupage tutorial.

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    How to Decoupage a Glass Plate

    Decoupage a Glass Plate Video
    How to Decoupage a Glass Plate.

    Follow the suggestions in this video and you can discover how easy it is to decoupage the back of a glass plate. Here are instructions for a similar decoupaged plate you can make.

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    Decoupage a Paper Weight

    Decoupage a Paper Weight Video
    Decoupage a Paper Weight.

    Watch this video and you will learn how to make a paper weight out of magazine scraps and a rock. You can also make a paperweight using my tutorial.

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    Make a Decoupage Vase

    Make a Decoupage Vase Video
    Make a Decoupage Vase.
    If you have a plain, neglected vase sitting on a shelf at home, learn how you can dress it up with the instruction shared in this video.
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    Ten Decoupage Papers

    Ten Decoupage Papers
    Ten Decoupage Papers.
    Learn how to use a variety of different papers and materials to dress up ordinary items using decoupage techniques.