Defend the Pride Lands Play Set

Just Play, Ages 3 and up

The roar has returned! As showcased in the new Disney Junior show The Lion Guard, the Pride Lands are now protected by a powerful force lead by Simba's son, Kion.  Kion's Lion Guard is the first of its kind, as he chose to have alongside him some of his best non-lion friends, Bungo (a Honey Badger), Beshte (a Hippo), Ono (an Egret) and Fuli (a Cheetah). One of the companies producing toys based on the cartoon is Just Play.

For review today is the Defend the Pride Lands Play Set. Safe for...MORE ages 3 and up, this play set covers all the bases. It has eight different ways to play and comes with a Kion action figure, giving you a head start to fun! It also has non electric sound elements, like the whoosh of the water fall.

Right off the bat, it's clear effort was put into designing this cool play set. It's made of sturdy plastic and allows children to have many imaginative adventures. Read below to hear about some of the key features in the Defend the Pride Lands Play Set from Just Play!

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    The excitement never stops in this play set!

    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play
    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play. ABS

    The Defend the Pride Lands Play Set has many cool play features. There's a trap door, bone trap, vine lift and even a boulder launcher! Each trap works with the press of a button! The boulder sits a top the waterfall. Press the hidden button to the right of the boulder and you have your very own Indiana Jones moment, as the boulder rolls down Pride Rocks and past the bone trap.

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    My favorite trap is the bone trap!

    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play
    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play. ABS

    The bone trap sits on the base of the play set. It pulls out from the base. Set up the bone trap by pulling the rib cage open. When a villainous character tries to attack the Pride Lands, just lure them to the top of Pride Rock, then press the hidden button found under the tree cover (by the lion prints). The character will fall from the rocks into the bone trap.

    If you're in need of a quick exit, you've got one in the vine lift! Manually pull the vine lift down. Bring it back up by...MORE pressing the hidden button in the tree right above it.

    Last, but not least, we have the trap door. It's located on the patch of grass on the rock formation near the waterfall. Move the tree above the lion prints to the left and the trap door magically opens. Just push the trap door back to close.

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    But wait, there's more!

    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play
    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play. ABS

    Besides the cool elements and traps listed above, there are three more things worth mentioning. On the ground floor of this play set is a door with stickered graphics done in a Rafiki like style that slides left and right. This may take some time to work in, but it does work.

    The waterfall is also very cool and will allow for even more imaginative play! The top of the waterfall is made of clear blue strips that move freely when you touch them. The waterfall continues on the base of the play set,...MORE where you can move it up and down to 'hear' the crashing waves. (Really, it's just beads in a plastic hollow waterfall and sounds a bit like a rain stick.)

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    This play set comes with your very own Kion.

    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play
    Defend the Pride Lands Play Set, Just Play. ABS

    This small scale action figure has articulated legs, as well as a neck that turns. The design is great-- he looks just like Kion. Kion is the perfect size for this play set, as are all his friends!

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    Speaking of his friends, collect them all!

    Talking Kion (Just Play)
    Talking Kion (Just Play). ABS

    Just Play knows that the best play sets are expandable and you can totally expand your play world by buying other action figures. Each come with their own cool trap to add to the Defend the Pride Lands play set. Beshte comes with a catapult. Bunga comes with a coconut launcher. I'm sure Ono and Fuli will be getting releases that match these as the show becomes more popular. There is another Kion based action pack available, which comes with a cool collapsible rock wall, as well.

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    The fun doesn't stop there!

    Pride Land Brawlers
    Pride Land Brawlers. ABS

    There are a whole slew of options available to choose from if this Lion Guard toy isn't up your alley. We have the previously reviewed Pride Land Brawlers series,featuring Kion, Bunga and Beshte. These large scale action figures use light and sound affects to bring the cartoon to life. Even better, they can interact with each other through the use of IR sensors. Read about them here. In that review post, you can also read about the plush Talking Kion. Talking Kion goes through four sayings...MORE from the popular TV show when you press his Mark of the Guard.

    Another great option for fans of the show are the large stuffed animals/plush. Fans of Fuli can rejoice, because she's part of the plush line! This line, which includes Bunga, Beshte and lead character Kion, is soft and huggable!  

    Kion, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli and Ono are also sold in the smaller bean plush form, as well as in five pack collector sets that feature 3" figures. If that wasn't enough for you, the popular characters from Lion Guard are also featured in blind bags! There are eight figures to unwrap in wave one, including a super rare Kion figure! Needless to say, there's a toy for everyone!

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You can find these toys and more at your favorite toy store. Make sure to visit Just Play's website for details on all their Lion Guard releases! And be sure to bookmark this Disney Toy site for more fun Disney toy reviews! *These products were sent for a fair and honest review. All opinions stated are my own.