How to Define the Bagua of Your Garden

Zen garden
fotolinchen Getty Images

Your garden is always included in the bagua of your home. However, there is one important feng shui factor to consider. You do include your garden in your house bagua, but you do not consider it part of your home bagua. This means you will not have any of your home bagua areas outside your home just because you have a lawn or a garden surrounding it.

The Bagua of a Small Garden

It doesn't matter if your small garden is in the front of the home, in the back, or if you have a big garden surrounding your whole home. It is an extension of your home bagua for the purpose of working with the feng shui design of your garden.

After you have defined the bagua of your garden, you should focus on the needed feng shui elements to bring the desired balance of all five feng shui elements in your garden bagua.

For example, if you plan to have an outdoor fountain, you know that best feng shui areas for a water feature are East (feng shui health and family); Southeast (feng shui wealth) and North (feng shui career).

If you would like to create a Zen rock garden, then the best feng shui bagua areas are Southwest, West, Northwest and Northeast. Why? Because these feng shui areas benefit from a strong earth element.

Using a Garden to Balance Energy

It is also good to know that your garden can help you balance, or complete the missing areas in your home bagua. Having a garden surrounding your house is a lucky thing, indeed, because the energy of your house can get a lot of support from it.

So, if your North bagua area is partially missing in your home bagua, installing an outdoor fountain in this bagua area of your garden will greatly help and balance the bagua of your house.

You cannot always have it perfect, but you can always make it better by using some smart feng shui tips to strengthen you garden bagua. When your garden has good feng shui, all the good energy is flowing into your home. Definitely worth the effort.