Define the Facing Direction of a Feng Shui Cure

Can your feng shui cure always face your lucky feng shui direction?

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Feng shui cures come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. From a tall Buddha statue to a small crystal, from a lush plant to a fountain or a beautiful rock crystal formation, the feng shui cures are employed in many ways and for various purposes.

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Once you have found a perfect feng shui cure, you can define the right placement of your cure according to the main feng shui cure placement criteria.

However, you might find it difficult to find the best facing directions for some feng shui cures. This is where it is helpful to know the general category of all feng shui cures and from there define if a cure can face one of your best directions.

Here are the 3 general categories for the feng shui cures along with tips for finding their best placement:

Horizontally placed cures such as a rock crystal wand, for example, or an arowana fish statue. If the item is typically placed in a horizontal position, then finding its best direction is similar to finding the best sleeping position for a person lying in bed. You will determine the best facing direction by the way the most important part (in this case the rock crystal point or the head or the arowana fish) is facing towards.

Seating or standing cures such as the Laughing Buddha, a Chi Lin or feng shui the money frog (all classical feng shui cures). These cures will be arranged according to the same criteria you apply when determining the facing direction for yourself, meaning the direction you look at while standing or seating.

Circular energy cures such as a round fountain, a rose quartz heart, a plant or a tumbled crystal. In this case, there will not be just one specific direction where the energy is directed to. With these feng shui cures, it is not possible to place them facing a specific best direction, as their energy is circular, meaning it emanates equally in all directions. Because these feng shui cures have a circular energy, they will be placed only according to the bagua criteria. Feng shui use of art often falls into this category.

Please note this does not mean that circular energy feng shui cures, or feng shui cures without a specific facing direction are less powerful. Not at all. They just work in a different way because their energy is different. 

After reading these general guidelines, please know that it is always good to experiment with the placement of your feng shui cures, because there are many factors involved in the best placement of a cure. Trust your senses and trust your home, do not be afraid to experiment and see which placement feels better for you and your home.

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