Definition of Pare

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Definition: To remove the skin of a fruit or vegetable using a swivel-bladed peeler or sharp paring knife.

Pronunciation: pair • (verb)

Also Known As: peel, scrape

Examples: The apple should be cored and pared before chopping.

Pare is kind of an old-fashioned term, and isn't used much in recipes anymore. It just means to peel something. You can use a sharp knife or a peeler made for this purpose to complete this chore.

Remove just the skin, and try to leave as much of the flesh behind as possible.

To do this, hold the fruit or vegetable in your non-dominant hand, and the knife or peeler in your dominant hand. Carefully slice away at the skin until it is all removed. A swivel-bladed peeler, where the blade pivots around the base of the utensil, is the best tool to use. It moves easily around the fruit and doesn't waste the flesh by gouging into it.

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