Delicious Things To Do With Elderberry

Elderberry Is an Herbal Treat in the Edible Landscape

Elderberries belong in every edible landscape. They provide food and shelter for wildlife, look and smell amazing, and of course taste wonderful. Here are five things to do with elderberries. Each tastes great and will have you planting your own elderberry bush in your yard.

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    Elderberry Jelly

    Elderberry jam with white bread on wooden table
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    Making jelly is a great way to introduce elderberry to your family. A simple juice and sugar mixture, your kids can learn about wildcrafting and turning it into delicious food!

    Since jellies can be canned in a hot water bath, they are a great beginning recipe for anyone who wants to explore the art of canning. Keep on the lookout for elderberries as they come into bloom. You might be surprised at how small the berries are. It takes a large bowlful, to make enough juice for a batch of jelly.

    Elderbe...MORErry jelly can also be melted down to glaze between the layers of a cake. You can use it warmed by poking holes in a single layer vanilla cake and pouring over a jar of melted elderberry jam. Served with homemade whipped cream, and this winter time dessert is heavenly.

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    Elderflower Fizz

    Close up of an elderflower
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    Sweetly effervescent, what's not to love about Elderflower fizz? Even the name evokes a sense of fun. Elderflowers are beautifully fragrant. They are prolific for a short period of time, so be on the lookout to make a note where they will be easiest to harvest from.

    Remember, leave enough flowers so that the berries can form later in the season. Pick flowers from the heaviest laden bushes, and even then only take 1/4 of them. That leaves 1/2 for the wildlife and another 1/4 for berry harvest....MORE Since not every year is a big one for elderberries, it is prudent to not over harvest.

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    Elderberry Wine

    A close-up of elderberry wine
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    Making wine is an age-old process of food preservation. We have come a long way from the days of throwing together a recipe and hoping for the best. Winemaking can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but a good elderberry wine is well worth any effort you can put in.

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    Elderberry Syrup

    A basket of harvested eldeberry
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    Make elderberry syrup by the quart, and keep it on hand for the entire year. Keep it in the back of the refrigerator, for those times you want to make cough drops or even lollipops (essentially, a cough drop on a stick, right?).

    Freeze the syrup and store it until you need it. Elderberry syrup is wonderful for flavoring teas and herbal remedies for children. Use it in ice pops and of course, over ice cream. You can never have too much of this delectable treat.

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    Elderberry Pie

    A Homemade pie with one quarter missing
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    What's not to love about homemade pie? Elderberries are often seen as an old-fashioned type pie that grandma used to make. 

    Why not harvest as many elderberries as you can this year, and stash them in the freezer to make pie all winter? They are virtually free to harvest, and who doesn't love a good pie? For a nice change, try making hand pies, and tucking them into your lunch box, or keeping them on hand for those sweet cravings. Either way, elderberry pie will put any packaged snack to...MORE shame.