Delightful Dollhouses

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    Dollhouse Dream-house

    Courtesy of HABA

     HABA is a doll company that realizes that the doll experience extends beyond the dolls that your children grasp in their hands and march around the living room. HABA knows that the time parents spend playing alongside their children is precious. Since very young children are often inarticulate (they can't share full narratives or stories about their pretend world), dollhouses are a swell way for grown-ups to get invited into the imaginary realm. The Dollhouse Dream-house is built for ages 3...MORE and up. It can be furnished to look more "homey."

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    Little Friends Bendy Dolls

    Courtesy of HABA

    What would a house be without a family to reside within it? The family turns a house into a home, and it's no different in the dollhouse world. HABA has a troupe of little characters to reside inside their house options. The Little Friends Bendy Dolls sell for about $7.49 each.  There are seven of them, boys and girls: Milla, Elisa, Felicitas, Matze, Malli, Lilli and Imke. Each one has its own unique personality.

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    Dollhouse Furniture, Villa Sunshine

    Courtesy of Haba

    All the furniture that any young child could dream of is on hand in this set, suitable for HABA's Villa Sunshine. The villa is larger than the Dream-house and the furniture assembled here fills the rooms beautifully. The furniture includes armchairs, sofa, beds, shelving units, vanity table with mirror, stool, kitchen appliances, and so much more. 

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    Villa Sunshine Furnished

    Courtesy of HABA

    Think of the fun your children will have as they figure out the best way to arrange the furniture options. What a sense of accomplishment they'll have! Play with a purpose is a great pastime for children of all ages. It especially helps very young children see that they can make decisions, reach goals and achieve an end result. Watch your kids design the finished home decor. It's more entertaining than any show on HGTV! Volunteer to help if they want your companionship and opinions.

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    Smaland Doll's House

    Courtesy of Lundby

    Lundby's two-story dollhouse is the stuff that a Realtor's dream is made of. The Smaland Doll's House ($99) is contemporary in design and styling. Its color choices, patterns and furniture key into modern-day flair. (Think Sweden's Ikea!) The house's windows are fully functional, and there's an incredible open balcony. With pre-wired lighting found in each room, your child, age 4 and above, will delight in lighting up the child-safe 5-volt lighting system. Accessories and...MORE the family are sold separately. Lundby has cleverly designed this house to grow, with extra floors able to be added.

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    Smaland Doll's House With Winter Garden

    Courtesy of Lundby

    Talk about room to grow! The Lundby toy team has concocted a Winter Garden to add to the Smaland architectural floor plan. Covered in faux sparkling snow, this add-on property is a place for the dollhouse family to ski and cavort. A stone wall, sprinkled with snow, and a stylish gate surrounds the garden. The Smaland Doll's House and its bonus Winter Garden ($39) should make it onto your child's Santa wish list.

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    Monster High High School

    Courtesy of Mattel

    If your family leans more toward the Munsters than the Waltons, here's a fantastic play space for you! From Mattel's Monster High line of dolls and play sets, here's the Monster High High School, launched right in time for back-to-school musings. Suitable for children aged 6 and up, the high school opens up to expose multiple levels for displaying and playing. When your child is done with her monstrous good time, she can easily close the school and store the accessories cleanly away....MORE