23 Dens You'll Want to Escape To

leather sofa with blue walls in den

Thomas Kuoh for Studio Munroe

Ah, the den—the perfect spot to zone out, get some piece and quiet, and curl up with a good book while enjoying some time spent solo. Because comfort is the name of the game when it comes to dens, you'll want to ensure that you're decorating accordingly. But that doesn't mean you need to stick to one particular aesthetic—if you love leather seating, that's definitely a go, but if you're drawn to colorful pieces, those are more than welcome in this type of space, too. We've rounded up 23 of our favorite dens that give us major relaxation vibes.

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    By the Fire

    den with fireplace and layered blankets

    Melissa Michaels

    Melissa Michaels's den is full of cozy elements: a crackling fire, layered blankets, and plush seating. A daybed makes for an excellent piece of furniture if you have the space—it's depth is conducive to lounging (and napping!) aplenty, and it's less precious than a sofa, making it an ideal piece on which to put your feet up.

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    Modern Mood

    den with pattern mixing and wood paneled walls

    Ariana Clare for Caroline Brackett

    Just because this den features traditional wood paneled walls doesn't mean it needs to be outfitted with antiques. Modern pieces shine in this space by Caroline Brackett, who skillfully mixed in a number of patterns to give the room personality and spunk.

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    Luxe Lighting

    blue and orange den

    Julie Mannell for Rebecca Rowland

    Rebecca Rowland designed this cozy spot for her clients, equipped with a funky light fixture, beautiful abstract art, and of course, tons of throw pillow. Don't hesitate to incorporate more contemporary pieces into a den; the sculpture light fixture here, while very modern, adds so much visual interest to the room.

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    Little Library

    black and white den with books

    Dear Lillie Studio

    Not sure how to display books in your den? Why not simply place them in a tall stack to create a library-like, lived in feel? Dear Lillie Studio did just that in this black and white space, which also features an ottoman as a coffee table (perfect for propping your feet up).

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    Sweet Sectional

    den with sectional

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    A sectional is an excellent piece of furniture for a den because it basically encourages laying back and relaxing! This room by Cathie Hong Interiors is simple and serene—fun artwork, a few decorative accents, and a green friend are all you need to create a restful getaway.

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    Thrifty Touches

    vintage rug in den

    Daniel Kanter

    By no means do you need to spend a ton in order to create a stunning den. Daniel Kanter purchased his beautiful vintage rug at an auction for just $45, and it brings so much warmth and character to his space.

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    Amazing Orange

    wooden walls with orange seating

    Neue Focus for McCulley Design Lab

    Orange furniture pairs wonderfully with all of the wooden elements in this den by McCulley Design Lab. If you're looking to go bold with some of your pieces, but don't want to go overboard, you can always opt for a neutral sofa to even things out.

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    Bookworm Bliss

    moody den with black walls and books

    Stephen Karlisch for Jean Liu

    This den by Jean Liu takes us back to libraries of yesteryear. It looks like the perfect spot to get lost in a delicious read (or two) and neglect all other responsibilities.

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    Chill Vibes

    neutral den makeover

    Ursula Carmona of Homemade by Carmona

    Ursula Carmona's den underwent a drastic makeover to become the restful spot it is today. Don't be afraid to mix styles when decorating as Carmona did—a more industrial table looks beautiful paired with a classic off-white tufted sofa.

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    All in the Family

    den with family photos blankets

    Anna McMenamin

    Not sure how to outfit the walls of your den? Opt for family photos to add personality and charm to your space, as Anna McMenamin did in this room for her clients. Draping a throw blanket over the back of the sofa as she did encourages comfort and dozing—loungers won't have to reach too far to get comfortable.

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    Something Sculptural

    blue and white den

    Michael J. Lee for Liz Caan

    Get sculptural! Designer Liz Caan utilized a number of pieces with personality in this traditional style den. Despite being subdued in color, these artful touches add plenty of intrigue to the space.

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    Cocktail Hour

    cocktail table in den

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp for Rebecca Johnston

    A small cocktail table, as used here by Rebecca Johnston, is a winning addition to any lounge space. Whether you use it to hold a drink or even just turn it into a chic plant stand, this type of piece takes up minimal square footage while adding major style.

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    Dainty Desk

    small desk in den with bookshelves

    Beth Singer for Perlmutter & Freiwald

    While lounging is always ideal, sometimes you may wish to get a bit of work done in peace, which is where a petite desk comes in handy. In this space by Perlmutter & Freiwald, it's easy to enjoy the best of both worlds. While an executive style desk can easily dominate a space, a dainty table is just as useful without dictating the room's flow.

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    Light and Bright

    light filled den with white walls

    Jen O'Brien

    Celebrate your sun drenched space by going for white walls like Jen O'Brien did. Adding light colored furniture will keep the room looking bright and airy; you can always introduce other hues in the form of accessories.

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    Conceled Clutter

    den with storage ottoman

    Karen Davis

    Keep toys, games, blankets, and the like tucked away by choosing a fun ottoman that offers plenty of storage, like Karen Davis did. While dens should feel casual and welcoming, they should still be clutter free.

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    Getting Beachy

    coastal inspired den

    Jenni Corti for Studio Surface

    Many dens feature rustic design elements, but if you prefer a coastal look, why not go ahead and embrace that instead? In this space by Studio Surface, an accent wall gives off a beach house vibe, while seaside artwork and deep blue paint make for the perfect complements.

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    Collected Charm

    maximalist den

    Grey Crawford for Jeff Andrews

    Use your den to display your favorite artwork and collections. This space by Jeff Andrews is full of life and will appease any maximalist. The shared coloring of the treasures—golds, yellows, browns—keep them from looking chaotic.

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    Classic Combo

    black and white den

    Brad Knipstein for K Interiors

    Have a unique wall shape? Take advantage of it by selecting a fun paint color or paper to liven things up even more. This black and white den by K Interiors proves that the classic color combo is longstanding for a reason.

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    Way Up High

    bright den with wallpaper ceiling

    Sugar High Ltd. for The Residency Bureau

    If you want to take your den to the next level, do something fun with the ceiling! Whether you add a pop of paint or opt for wallpaper, the results are sure to wow. In this space, The Residency Bureau chose a playful print that adds so much intrigue to the space.

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    Emerald Elegance

    green den with yellow ceiling

    Michael J. Lee for Liz Caan

    If you love a particular color, go ahead and utilize it in many different shades, as designer Liz Caan with green in this room. And to give a room some extra pizzazz, paint the ceiling—Caan opted for a yellow that brightens up the space even more.

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    Colorful Quarters

    den with dark walls

    Kim and Scott Vargo

    Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home gave their den a mini makeover in just two days' time. They opted for dark navy walls but kept the overall feel open and colorful with flowery floor cushions, framed photos, and a light rattan table.

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    Leather Lover

    leather sofa with blue walls

    Thomas Kuoh for Studio Munroe

    A leather sofa is a den staple; the more storied the piece, the better. To add some color to the space, Studio Munroe went bold with the wall color in this room.

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    Moody and Mod

    black walls with peppy furniture

    Erin Comerford Miller for Caroline Brackett

    Black walls add plenty of moodiness to this den by Caroline Brackett. To keep the space from feeling too intense, she integrated peppier hues in the form of furniture, artwork, and throw pillows. Cheerful floor cushions double as a useful footrest when stacked together.