How to Design a Modern Nursery or Kid’s Room

8 Modern Design Tips for Children’s Spaces

Photo via Suzann Kletzien Design.

Dreaming of a bright and modern space for your little one? We don’t blame you! Modern design boasts beauty and functionality, making it a practical choice for nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Not familiar with modern décor? We’re here to help! These eight simple design tips will help you to get the basic style points down, allowing you to create a flexible, functional space you’ll love.

1. Keep It Simple:

Clean-cut and functional, modern nurseries take the less-is-more approach. Keep accessories like stuffed animals and other cutesy clutter to a minimum, and choose practical bedding and curtains without bows, ruffles or skirts. Clean lines, sleek surfaces and natural textures should dominate the space.

2. Focus on Functionality:

When it comes to modern living, how you use your space is as important as how it looks. Versatility and portability are prized. Whenever possible, invest in convertible, multifunctional pieces, such as cribs that transform into toddler beds and seating with storage. Furniture with wheels also works well in a modern space, allowing you to move and rearrange things as needed.

Another tip? Keep your little one in mind. Modern design should be user-friendly - even if that user is only 3-feet tall. Look for scaled-down furniture, and consider replacing wardrobes and dressers with hooks and easily accessible cubbies.

3. Conserve Space:

Modern design puts a premium on space, making compact footprints and clever, space-saving features a must. Feeling the squeeze in your little one’s nursery? Create some breathing room by pairing a modern mini crib with a crib-top changing tray. Duel-use items, like a dresser/changing table or anything with built-in storage, can also help to open up a room. If you still feel crowded, look up. Bunk beds and loft beds are a great way to make use of vertical space.

4. Add a Pop of Color:

Modern color palettes are all about contrast. Start with neutrals, focusing on shades of black and white, and then add a punch of bright, contrasting color. Throw a bold rug down or toss a few brightly colored pillows on a bed or chair. A single piece of furniture in a brave shade also makes a dramatic statement.

Hate beige? Try a trendier neutral, like navy or grey and pair with a chic accent like mint or coral.

5. Play with Line & Scale:

To capture the modern aesthetic, focus on creating straight lines. Opt for geometric shapes and patterns, and highlight the natural lines of windows and other structural elements. Variations in size and scale are also typical of modern design. Try hanging an oversized mirror over a modest accent table, or create drama by hanging a collection of frames in a tight, shapely cluster, leaving the space around it completely bare. Remember, contrast keeps things interesting!

6. Give It Polish:

Mirrored and metallic surfaces replace softer, more traditional textures in modern design, creating a look that gleams, especially when paired with natural fibers. When choosing furniture, look for details like exposed feet and open metal frames. Accessories should shimmer! While chrome is used extensively in modern spaces, brass and gold are back with a new and distinctly modern edge, so don’t be afraid to break the mold!

7. Make It Shine:

In a modern space, lighting really shines. Use track lighting or recessed bulbs to emphasize bare walls, and highlight important pieces with well-placed spotlights. (Just be sure to aim spotlights away from baby’s crib or changing table.)

Light fixtures should be dramatic works of art, boasting sculptural details and clean lines. Choose a chandelier in an unexpected color or even a collection of small, metallic pendants. Natural textures like paper and hemp are also a popular choice. Need some inspiration? Check out these modern beauties!

8. Create a Space You Love:

Not a fan of rules? Forget them! Designing a nursery or kid’s room is about creating a space that you and your little one will love - not an editorial photo for Webster’s definition of modern design. If it works for you, it works for us! Just go for it!