Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket Review

Sure, it’s comfortable—but it’s far from perfect

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Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket

Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket

The Spruce 

What We Like

  • Efficient temperature regulation

  • Lightweight but warm

  • Hypoallergenic

What We Don't Like

  • Feels and looks cheap

  • Limited color options

Bottom Line

Design Weave’s Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket delivers the temperature regulation it promises, but little else.


Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket

Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket

The Spruce 

The Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket brings a bit of innovation to the bedroom. According to Design Weave, the unique blanket traps and releases body heat and moisture in just the right way, guaranteeing a night of toasty or cool comfort, depending on the season. The promise of never being too hot or too cold is simply too good to pass up, so we cuddled up in a queen-size version of the blanket to see if it’s really the future of bedding. Our verdict below.

Material and Weave: Basic cotton with a forward-thinking twist

The Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket features very, very basic construction: 300-thread-count cotton and a sateen border. It’s pretty smooth to the touch, but it likely won’t impress cotton-lovers. For all its lofty claims of innovative luxury, we found the blanket seemed delicate and, frankly, cheap when handled.

That said, it’s what’s on the inside that makes this blanket special. The product is filled with a 50/50 mix of polyester fiberfill and the brand’s own Outlast material—an artificial down alternative—which the company claims will provide optimal temperature regulation. With these wonder fillers and a cotton exterior, the blanket is fully hypoallergenic—a nice bonus for those looking to avoid the allergens associated with down.

Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket
The Spruce
Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket
The Spruce 
Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket
The Spruce 

Thread Count: The bare minimum

Typically, experts recommend avoiding linens with a thread count below 300. Anything lower simply won’t provide the requisite amount of comfort and quality feel. This Design Weave blanket clocks in at 300, making it passable, but far from impressive.

Design Weave does deliver on its central promise: a comfortable night’s sleep.

Texture: Just enough smoothness to get by

With low thread count comes low-quality feel, and this blanket isn’t luxury bedding by any stretch. If you’re just looking for a basic cover to provide the right level of warmth, this product will suit your needs. Those on the hunt for a truly soft blanket, however, should look elsewhere.

Design Weave Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket
The Spruce 

Washing: Easy to wash, but be wary of shrinkage

Caring for this blanket is simple—just wash it in cold water and line or tumble dry. Some customers report significant shrinkage after putting their blanket in the dryer, and this seems like a distinct possibility given the product’s cotton construction. In our experience, however, we just noticed some clumps in the filling after we tumble dried it, and this was nothing a little hand smoothing couldn’t fix.

Color: Unpalatable and limited

The lack of aesthetic appeal is perhaps the biggest drawback of this product. The white blanket had a cheap, almost institutional look to it—it’s not a warm or crisp white that you’d want to display on a guest bed. The overall dullness of the fabric leads us to believe the other color options—linen, stone gray, and midnight blue— wouldn’t be much better, either.

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Helpful Features: Perfect temperature regulation and surprising warmth

Despite the drawbacks detailed above, Design Weave does deliver on its central promise: a comfortable night’s sleep. At first, the blanket seemed too lightweight to keep us warm on a particularly cold night, but within a few minutes, it was clear the thin material was indeed trapping just the right amount of body heat. While we couldn’t put the blanket’s sweat-wicking abilities to the test, there’s no question that this piece kept us toasty warm on a series of cold nights.

The lack of aesthetic appeal is perhaps the biggest drawback of this product.

Price: Appropriate for what you get

Given the odd balance of a cheap, basic look and remarkable temperature regulation, this blanket’s mid-range price—$69.99 for a Queen—seems appropriate.

Competition: Cotton beats wool in terms of comfort

The Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket is another lightweight option on the market. When weighed against each other, the Pendleton certainly won in the looks department, but the Design Weave’s comfort gave it an unexpected edge. Though lighter and much lower quality in terms of look and feel, the Design Weave kept us warmer and more comfortable during the night— and for a much lower price. The Design Weave also took up less space in our closet than the Pendleton, an important consideration if you’re pressed for storage space.

Final Verdict

Poor construction that just doesn’t cut it.

Right now, the Design Weave blanket simply isn’t fashionable enough to welcome into your home. While the technology is promising, the current colors are not. We can only hope the brand decides makes its pieces as aesthetically pleasing as they are comforting in the future.


  • Product Name Outlast Temperature-Regulating Blanket
  • Product Brand Design Weave
  • Price $69.99
  • Color White, Midnight Blue, Linen, Stone Gray
  • Model Number SA-300BLK-WHI
  • Material Cotton, polyester
  • Thread Count 300
  • Sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King