How to Design Your Own Home Bistro

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    5 Ways To Design Your Own Home Bistro

    It's an experience that we've all had at least once: A beautiful day, a well-designed bistro, a great cup of coffee and everything is just perfect. Once you've had that experience, it's the sort of thing you want to do again and again. Now, if you don't have time to go cafe-hopping every day, the next best thing is to create one of your own. There's a ton of ways to go about it. The inspiration you need is right there in every quiet bistro or sidewalk cafe you visit. With just a few good ideas on how to get started, you'll be on your way to a classy little oasis all your own. Since you're not looking to fill tables your bistro area doesn't have to take up a lot of room to have a big impact on your home. And better yet, the coffee will be on the house

    The bistro above clearly isn't in anyone's home, but it's got all of the key ideas you need to get started. The built-in table, high seating and overall feeling of rustic sophistication that permeates the space are all elements that you can bring into your home. For example, take a look at the stylish lighting overhanging the tables. Design elements like these not only give you the feeling of an upscale cafe at home, they can take your bistro from cozy coffee date to intimate dinner for two in no time at all.    

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    Built-In Table

    Built-in tables are a staple of bistro-style design and a great starting point for bringing that feeling to your own space. They're also an effective space-saving technique for a cafe area that has to fit into another room. If you're pairing a wooden table with wood floors, take advantage of the neutral color palette and bring in some colorful seating for a personalizing pop of color. 

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    Built-In Seating

    For a cool variation on the built-in theme, drop the platform a bit and use it for bench seating instead of a table. You'll still save space while bringing your seating area closer together. Then simply add a classic bistro table for a cozy little nook for relaxing. 

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    High Bistro Seating

    If you can't build-in, build up instead. Lofty stools and tables are another classic piece of the bistro mystique. They'll add visual interest to even the smallest cafe area.

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    Rustic Sophistication

    Ok, so maybe you don't have your own wine room - or maybe you do. Either way, bringing in this kind of luxurious yet rustic feel is the last step to turning a small seating area into your own private cafe. Warm wood tones and fun ideas like the wine barrel table are only the start of the fun you can have. Bringing in strong patterned elements like an oriental rug allows you to add a strong dose of color and pattern to a space that offers little opportunity for going big with accessories. Adding restaurant-style visuals like a wall mural, gallery wall or even a neon sign is the perfect finishing touch.