How You Design Your Bedroom Based on Your Love Language

bedroom with added seating areas

Isaac Martin / Unsplash

Regardless of who you are, what you care about, or even how old (or young at heart!) you are, one thing is certain—your bedroom is your safe space. For some, it can be a haven from the world, and, for others, it can be a comfort area shared with a roommate(s), spouse, or other loved ones. For many, a bedroom is simply a space to rest, reset, and reenergize before diving back into the craziness of life.

When it comes to bedroom design, though, there are unique preferences. And these preferences are largely dependent upon personality, perspective, and of course, love language.

Whether you crave your alone time or moments with special people, prefer an organized space or your own version of functional chaos, here is how you design your bedroom based on your love language. 

Quality Time

If your love language is Quality Time, your entire bedroom is based upon your interactions with others. What you crave the most is intentional moments spent with the people in your life—from family members to significant others, and close friends alike.

When you design your room, you’re not really thinking about what works for you but how your space can fit and accommodate others.

Are you planning to have friends stay the night? Then perhaps you have a loft bed that creates space for sleepovers or late-night heart-to-hearts in the middle of the bedroom floor. Are you wanting to have parents or elderly relatives make a visit? Then maybe you have chairs and extra space to offer ease of mobility.

For you, as a Quality Time type of person, the most important thing about your bedroom is that it welcomes others in. From inviting décor and comfortable seating to open-air spaces that welcome socialization, your room is a place where others want to stay (and hopefully never want to leave!).

Acts of Service

If your love language is Acts of Service, chances are, your bedroom is probably laid out in a way that helps you be hospitable to your guests. This may look like close-knit spaces, multiple chairs or seating areas, or even a small desk area that doubles as a coffee or water station.

Your focus, especially when someone is in your space, is making them feel served. You’re less about your own needs than the needs of others, and you’ll more often than not, be asking about temperature, comfort, light, and sound—and be making adjustments to the space as needed.

Words of Affirmation

As a Words of Affirmation type of person, your bedroom is littered with inspirational quotes and messages, cards from loved ones, motivational posters, and more. You love feeling uplifted in your space, and as a result, anyone who enters experiences the same vibes.

Your room will probably have areas that encourage conversation, anything from bean bags and chairs to a bed that faces outward and invites guests to sit down, kick back, and open up.

Also, if you’re someone who loves to create—for example, a writer or artist—since you’re already inclined to appreciate words, you might have an area that’s specifically designated for creating your own cards, notes, quotes, or self-reflective journaling.

Physical Touch

As a Physical Touch person, you’re all about the vibes. You prefer that your room feels cozy and encourages hugs, cuddles, and closeness above anything else. This can manifest in the bedroom colors you choose—typically soft hues for peace and comfort. It can also be reflected in how your bed, sofa, and/or sleeping area(s) are arranged.

For example, you’re not going to have separate seating areas for people to watch movies. Everyone (including any furry friends) will be on the same couch or maybe even snuggled up next to you in bed. You won’t have designated blankets for your partner, friends, or family members either—items like this are, of course, shared.

Whether you’re playing a board game, talking about the day, or winding down at the end of the night, your room has all of the bells and whistles—from mood lighting to heated blankets—all to create a ‘safe haven’ feel.

And when you’re alone, the same applies. If you can’t have the physical touch from others, you prefer comfy pajamas or socks, cuddle-friendly blankets, and other soft items that make you feel cozy and warm.


If your love language is Gifts, your bedroom is undoubtedly a hodge-podge of memories and memorabilia from loved ones and special people in your life. From cards on the bulletin board to the dresser from great-grandma, your room is all about celebrating the special things that were given to you—even if that means it’s a little messy from time to time.

And not only that, because of your naturally giving nature, chances are, those who enter your room will probably not leave empty-handed.