Look Inside the Los Angeles Home of DIY Expert Drew Scott, aka Lone Fox

Drew Scott's kitchen and dining area in his LA townhome

Drew Scott

Is there anything better than a virtual home tour? Designer Dream Homes is a series featuring the living spaces of our favorite interior designers and home decor influencers, where they give us the full lowdown on how they live. It’s all the things we love about browsing virtual real estate listings, with the added benefit of hearing exactly what it is that makes these dream homes so special.


Drew Scott, DIY expert and the eye behind Lone Fox Home. You can also find Drew over on YouTube at Lone Fox, where he teaches his over one million subscribers home DIY, renovations, and decor in an approachable and affordable way.


Mid-City, Los Angeles, Calif.

The 3-bedroom, 2-bath duplex is around 1,300 square feet and was built in the 1920s. “It has been renovated many times over the past century, so every room had a nod to a different era, which was quite fun!”

As far as the location goes, “I really liked how close [the apartment] was to West Hollywood,” said Drew. “[It’s] walking distance to Starbucks (very important!) and located in more of a neighborhood than on a busy street. I always told myself that I loved city life, but I realized that I truly love a quaint neighborhood that's easily accessible to the city.”

An Eclectic Style

Drew Scott's living room

Drew Scott

“My style is a bit all over the place and constantly changes,” Drew said of his home’s aesthetic. “Right now, my style has been very eclectic and transitional with pops of vintage and antique. Thrifting and vintage shopping have been a huge inspiration for me lately, so I have been mixing a lot of old and new. Any space with balanced juxtaposition is perfect in my books!”

Seeing Potential 

Drew Scott's bedroom

Drew Scott

“I actually was not attracted to this apartment upon viewing it! It had thick popcorn ceilings and floor-to-ceiling mirrors in all of the bedrooms (it had to be a dance studio or strange 1970's install),” said Drew. “My roommate and I hated it and did not plan on moving in, however, the realtor called us and asked what the landlord would need to do for us to move into the property. We drove back that same day, revisited the apartment, and asked if they could remove those two things.”

While Drew felt the apartment had potential, “it was hard to see with all the mirrors and outdated popcorn ceilings. However, the arched doorways, arched window, nooks, original hardwood flooring, and fireplace added the right amount of charm to this space.”

The Flooring

the bathroom in drew scott's los angeles home

Drew Scott

“The apartment came with hardwood floors, and both the kitchen and bathroom are tiled. I used peel and stick in my bathroom because I wasn’t a huge fan of the tiles. I wanted something to really contrast with the dark walls.”

The Windows

The breakfast nook of Drew Scott's LA home

Drew Scott

“The entire apartment has so many windows and great natural light, which is a YouTuber’s dream!” said Drew. “I love the huge windows in the living room and how much light the overall apartment gets. The little breakfast nook is also the perfect spot to film and create content for my channel as both walls are lined with large windows.”

The Living Room

Drew Scott's living room

Drew Scott

The living room is home to Drew’s most-used piece in the whole apartment. “I'd probably have to say the living room sofa from Article is the most used piece. We can fit so many people on the sofa and not to mention it's EXTREMELY comfortable! The sofa also breaks off and can be used as two beds.”

 The Kitchen

lemon peel-and-stick wallpaper adorns the walls of drew scott's kitchen

Drew Scott

“I love the pop of color with the peel and stick lemon wallpaper!” Drew said of his kitchen. “I wanted to make that arched wall a statement and came across that fun wallpaper on Amazon. I kept the kitchen pretty minimal, but upgraded the backsplash with peel and stick (of course), added new hardware, and painted the window trim black!”

 The Bedrooms

Drew Scott's bedroom

Drew Scott

“My bedroom has to be my favorite room in the apartment,” said Drew. “The arched window gives such a dreamy vibe to the overall space. I also found the perfect handmade vintage rug for my bedroom, which is still and always will be my prized possession. It truly tied everything together.”

Also in his room are Drew’s most unique/favorite pieces: “the vintage French provincial dresser and the rattan nightstands.”

Drew shares the apartment with his roommate, which he also helped decorate. “This space also has a great moody calmness to it. I painted the walls a limewash paint by Portola and added wall moldings to almost make the walls the statement in the space.”

The Bathroom

Drew Scott's bathroom

Drew Scott

“I love how moody [my bathroom] is!” Drew said. “I recently transformed it and prior to the makeover, everything was stark white and tan.”

After adding board and batten to the walls, Drew painted it Backwoods by Benjamin Moore. It was such a fun project that included so many DIYs, such as the roman shades, peel and stick tile, and the board and batten.

A DIY Room

The third bedroom of the apartment is used for Drew’s work projects. “One of the main reasons I wanted to move was due to space,” said Drew. “I needed an additional room to store DIY supplies, home décor, and film.”

“The third bedroom in our apartment is my craft room/studio. It houses all my tools, supplies, and has a filming set.”

A Sunroom/Bar

Off the dining space, there’s “a strange little add-on room,” said Drew. “Upon moving in, this space was covered in dark wood wall paneling and looked extremely outdated, but I gave a fresh coat of white paint with the landlord's permission and it turned into the perfect little sunroom/bar space!”

Outdoor Space

 “There is an outdoor garden area, [but] I do live in the city so you could imagine the yard space,” said Drew. “Our landlord (who lives under us) is constantly redoing it and loves to plant new flowers and change up the layout. The furniture is a bit outdated, [so] I'd consider the outdoor space to be more of his space.”

 Finally Complete… Almost

“As of a few weeks ago, I finally finished the last room that I needed to makeover: my bathroom. Right now, I’m excited to enjoy my completed apartment.”

But at the same time, Drew admitted he’ll never truly be finished. “I know myself and some tweaks are already in the works! I am considering a new color on the board and batten wall in my bedroom. Since painting the bathroom green, a refresh of the green in the bedroom seems like a nice change.”

One Final Piece

Plus, one important piece is still missing. “I ordered [an item] that has yet to make its way into a room actually features a carved fox on the front side of the cabinet. The moment I ran across this piece online, it was already in my cart! Incorporating more one-of-a-kind/vintage pieces in my designs is a huge goal of mine now that my space is complete. I plan to swap out pieces here and there to tailor the overall look!”