9 Designers Share Their Personal Favorite Home Finds

Nine designers share their favorite item from their house.

Kitchen counter stools at an island

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Raquel Langworthy for Karen Wolf

When they aren't busy working on client projects, professional designers are out sourcing fun finds that make their own homes look pretty darn stunning, too. While asking a design expert to pick a favorite piece of furniture or decor is definitely a loaded question, we just had to find out what pieces are clear winners in the pros' eyes. Below, nine interior designers chime in about the items in their own homes that have truly captured their hearts.

1. A Clock That Doubles As Art

sculptural clock art

Amy May

"I love my Nomon clock—it is more than a clock, it is functional art. It brings a sculptural, architectural note to negative space. It fills this large area, making a statement, yet not feeling overpowering." — Amy May, founder of Artala Designs

2. A Fancy Coffee System

coffee machine

Sanja Stevens

"I cannot live without my coffee system—it makes a freshly-ground latte macchiato exactly to my liking every single morning! I go to it almost before I open my eyes, and I know it will never disappoint me!" — Sanja Stevens, project designer at May Designs

3. A Statement-Making Panther

black panther

Michael Partenio for Kellie Burke Interiors

"I scored this black panther piece at an antique show in High Point, North Carolina. Hailing from the 1920s and coated in gesso, it is historic artistry at its finest. From the scale to the perfection of the sculpted body, including the curled tongue, it adds the perfect amount of drama that makes me smile every time I walk into my foyer. There are very few things I won't sell in my home, and this is definitely the one I'd grab in the event of a fire—he's part of the family!" — Kellie Burke, owner of Kellie Burke Interiors

4. A Pair of Glass Bowls

glass bowls

Sandra Asdourian

"My dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I especially love the ceiling details and these Tozai Home glass bowls as the centerpiece. When selecting the blue and white bowls, the shape, scale, and color where my deciding factors. I love the way they reflect back on the nine foot white glass dining table and complement the blue Minotti chairs." — Sandra Asdourian, founder of Sandra Asdourian Interiors

5. A Japanese Tansu Chest

japanese chest

Maggie Stephens

"I’ve had this Japanese Tansu chest for over a decade and in five homes. It’s my favorite piece and makes any apartment or house feel like home. I had my eye on it for a year or two at a big antique mall in Seattle, and one January I decided to treat myself! I love the patina and texture of the wood. It instantly brings character and history to the room it’s in." — Maggie Stephens, founder of Maggie Stephens Interiors

6. A Stunning Blue Chair

blue velvet chair

Trevor Parker for Nicole Arruda

"Lady Blue (yes, she has a name!) was the first big piece of furniture I bought when I moved to New York. I found her on Facebook Marketplace from a fashion designer in Midtown and knew I would love her forever! I love the drama the piece brings to every space—it's feminine with its curvy lines but masculine in its navy velvet material—the perfect balance. It's also very comfortable! Functional and beautiful, that's always a win in my books." — Nicole Arruda, principal and founder of Nicole Alexandra Design

7. A Sentimental Shelf

dark green bookshelf

Cameron Jones

"The piece I love most in my home is a dark green bookshelf with hand-painted gold detailing. It was a piece that my grandfather brought back from an Italian flea market when he was stationed in Europe during World War II. My grandmother had it in her house when I was growing up and used it in their den as a bookshelf. I always loved it, and when she downsized, she gave it to me. It currently lives in our dining room and houses glasses, vases, and breakable items I try to keep the kids away from! I love this piece because of the craftsmanship—there is a fabulous metal rim at the top and the painted detail is just beautiful—but also because of its versatility. It is very narrow so could work in so many spaces down the road if we change homes. And of course, most importantly, I love the memories it evokes of my grandparents." — Cameron Jones, founder of Cameron Jones Interiors

8. Chic Kitchen Stools

kitchen counter stools

Raquel Langworthy for Karen Wolf

"I almost missed out on my favorite counter stools in my kitchen from Wildwood. The company was nearly out of stock when I ordered them at the beginning of the pandemic, but the owner kindly pulled the last few from his own mother's order! That's true customer service. I love that they have a unique scallop form that you do not see on most woven products." — Karen Wolf, creative principal and owner of Karen B. Wolf Interiors

9. A Lovely Leather Basket

leather basket

Sarah Conti

"One piece I love is this leather basket from Kravet. I use it in my guest bedroom to fill it with soft luxurious towels, a good book, a bottle of water, and some toiletries to make my guests feel welcome and comfortable. This piece is beautifully designed with handsome stitching and a brass buckle. It's a small piece that makes a big statement." — Sarah Conti, founder of Sarah K. Conti Designs