5 Top Designers Weigh In On Pantone’s 2017 Color Of The Year

Formal dining room with drapes in Pantone Greenery
Sophie Robinson
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    5 Top Designers Weigh In On Pantone’s 2017 Color Of The Year

    Living room in Pantone Greenery shades
    Meg Braff Designs

    Any time you find yourself decorating a room, and you know that you want the finished product to have a certain feeling - a sense warmth, comfort, or even a high, frenzied energy - you’ll usually find that the most effective tool you have for creating that feeling is color. But color does so much more for our rooms than help them make us feel a certain way. It also puts every room you design in the context of a larger conversation. Color is one of the main elements that links interior design to fashion, which is why keeping up with one so often means having to keep a close eye on the other. All of it uses color to not only make a room or an outfit look great, but also to place it in a particular moment of time. Decorating with the colors that are on trend right now makes it easy to create a space that looks contemporary and edgy. On the other hand, if your colors are out of date, however well designed and beautiful your room may be, it may not have as modern of a feel as you would like. To keep everyone more or less on the same page as to what the the trendiest colors will be, we look to companies like Pantone. And while their announcements on which colors will be the ones to watch for in a given year aren’t meant to limit designers on what colors can be used, they do serve to ensure that, for the most part we’re all a part of the same conversation on design for that year. 

    For 2017, Pantone has officially announced their new color of the year, and it’s a bright, energetic shade that they’ve named Greenery. Meant to symbolize rejuvenation and new beginnings, this perky and playful color is intended to motivate us to create spaces that will reflect or instill a sense of optimism. This color is sure to kick off a host of new design trends in interior design over the next twelve months. It is such a vibrant shade to lead with in a color palette that we can all expect to see interiors with a much bolder perceptive becoming the norm. In terms of palettes and accompanying shades, we should probably look to see this color mixed extensively with jewel tones, blush pink, and other warm colors. But don’t just take our word for it. To get a better understanding of what Greenery will mean to design in the coming year, we reached out to Andrew Joseph PR which represents some of the most influential interior designers in the industry. They connected us with 5 top designers to get their insights on the new Pantone color of the year. They’re giving us their honest opinion along with some great tops and inspiration to pass on on how to layer this bright new shade into your home as well. 

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    Greenery In Fashion

    We’ve already mentioned the special relationship between interiors and fashion. Trends in the fashion industry tend to go hand-in-hand with what we see developing in interior design. And with Greenery is set to be one of the biggest color trends of the year you should be expecting to see this energetic shade coming down the runway in spring fashion collections as well as in the pages of your favorite shelter magazines and the collections of your favorite designers. A perfect case and point on this coming trend is this green ensemble from Tory Burch’s 2017 Spring collection. Now form and interiors perspective, you might not be as willing to design your room in green from head to toe, however, if you take a look at the bold patterns and prints that fashion designers are mixing together with Greenery you’re sure to get a peek into the future of the pillows, vases and other products that you’ll be using in your room settings all year long.

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    Chad James

    Leading an eponymous group in Nashville, Tennessee, award-winning designer Chad James has a number of spectacular interiors to his credit. Known for creating exciting spaces around the world, James is no stranger to spicing his interiors with pops of color. When asked about Greenery, he replied:

    "Interiors mirror fashion, and I believe the Pantone color 'Greenery' will serve as an accent color in designs for both industries. Green is a hard color to commit to in a room in large doses, so instead we'll likely see decorative pillows, green glass, and trim before an entire room in this bright color is tried out.”

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    Greenery On Accent Walls

    If you did decide to go big with a wall, however, it might look something like this. Although this is definitely a bold step to take with a room, 2017 might be just the time to give it a try. White walls and neutral color palettes of black, beige, and grey have dominated the interior design scene for the past year. Greenery will inject some much needed color to neutral interiors, and painting a feature or accent wall is one of the best ways to refresh a space in need of a design facelift.  

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    Stephen Jones

    Living room with Greenery wall accents
    Stephen Jones

    Stephan Jones is a Beverly Hills designer with a passion for mixing classical and contemporary inspirations in his designs. His reaction to Greenery has been to enthusiastically embrace the shade with all of it’s colorful optimism.

    ”Love this color, it is fresh without being harsh, it is grounding without being earthy. It will be a great accent or feature color. I am looking forward to using pops of this when accenting a neutral interior."

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    Pops Of Greenery

    Let’s face it, color can be tricky. And the bolder the color, the tricker it can be to get the balances just right for the room that you want to see. But whenever you feel like a color might be in danger of taking over the space, using it in small pops to create a highlight effect throughout the room is a tried and true method for making a space colorful without taking things too far. This might be the perfect strategy when planning out how use Greenery. The color is so bright and energetic that you don’t have to use it on a large scale project like painting the walls or greenery-colored upholstery for your sofa, in order for the shade to make an impact. Pillows, art and other accessories are all you need to bring a strong dose of Greenery to any space. Even if you pick one thing in your space, like these drapes, it’s a beautiful way to elevate the look of a room. 

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    Gillian Rose

    Outdoor space by Gillian Rose
    Gillian Rose

    A color scientist with formal training from Parsons School of Design as well as an experienced interior designer, Gillian Rose has a unique and well-read perspective on color in all of its varied uses. Color is more than a byproduct of design, it is an active participant in the same way as any physical piece of furniture would be. As Rose puts it: 

    Typically we understand color as an object, things that are smaller than we are - shoes, nail polish, emeralds....When coloring spaces, we become the object. In planning living spaces, it's vital to explore and include our clients, personality, lifestyle and location." 

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    Greenery & Brass

    It’s true that brass was one of the finishes of choice for 2016, but there’s no reason to assume that this trend will not carry on to the next year.  So definitely consider pairing your green furniture pieces and accessories with golden accents. It will make your room setting look quite regal and elegant. 

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    Mark Cutler

    Australian-born designer Mark Cutler has an impressive resume of tv appearances and celebrity as well as commercial spaces. With a list of jobs ranging from appearances of HGTV to a residency as the head designer for A&E’s Makeover Mamma’s, Cutler knows how to create stylish spaces with mass appeal. When we asked for his take on Greenery, here’s what the Los Angeles designer had to say: 

    "This color is a challenge, would you really want it on all your walls? Probably not, but I think that’s the difference with a Pantone Color of the Year versus a paint manufacturers selection.  It certainly fits well with other trends like brass, which is a perfect partner, or any of the “new neutrals.”

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    Shades Of Greenery

    Like most strong colors, green is known for being a bit mercurial color because, depending on which hue or shade of green you choose, almost any amount can impact the overall feel of the entire room. Because of that, one of the most complicated and taxing endeavors to try as a designer is to create an entire room in different shades of single color. In this bedroom, various shades of green are blended together seamlessly. Pops of white in the trim and elements of the bedding help to break up the uniformity of the pattern and create distinct areas while still creating a single distinctive look.  

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    Erica Broberg Smith

    Living room in Pantone Greenery by Erica Broberg Smith
    Erica Broberg Smith

    Erica Broberg Smith is an architect with a love of spaces and designs that tell a story. Her New York-based firm specializes in translating client visions into the rooms of their dreams. For Smith, color is an integral part of the creative process, ensuring that the feel of the finished product matches what the client envisioned at the point of inspiration. So for Smith, Pantone’s choice of Greenery as the marquee color of 2017 is welcome news because:

    The variations of green span the full range of emotions. Dark and moody, light and whimsical, bold and avant garde. Green can translate into any décor, style or fashion. What does green mean to me? Nature, beginning, trees, blooms, water, the essence of life on our beautiful planet.”