How Designers Really Feel About TikTok Aesthetic Rooms

TikTok aesthetic bedroom

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You know by now that TikTok is used for way more than sharing dance moves and outfits—the app is also chock full of interior design inspiration and allows users located all around the world to showcase their beautiful homes, innovative DIY projects, and more. Being able to post a short before and after clip of a room makeover, share one's thrifted finds, or poll other users for advice before selecting a paint color has become par for the course on the app.

While TikTok is certainly home to every design style under the sun, there is a certain look that remains dominant among users. We've explored this look in further detail in the past, but essentially, an "aesthetic room" per TikTok features pops of greenery, such as hanging vines (real or faux will do), curated photo collages, pops of pink, boho style elements, and more. But do interior designers actually like this look, or are they ready for the TikTok aesthetic to go? We spoke with several to find out.

Throwing Design Rules Out the Window

Hayley Perrault, interior designer and sustainability specialist at M+A Architects appreciates how this design aesthetic is unfussy and unique. "TikTok boomed in March 2020 when we spent more time at home than we ever thought possible," Perrault reflects. "The interior design styles that came out of TikTokers taking control of their space while living through global chaos are rooted in choice, control, and the rejection of design rules and expectations."

In particular, the aesthetic provides a stark contrast to the emphasis on minimalism that came about in recent years, Perrault adds. "While many people were still Marie Kondo-ing and praising minimalism, people on TikTok pushed back with maximalism in color, texture, and pattern, as well as objects that made them happy and brought them comfort," she explains. "There are very few through-lines in these aesthetics beyond curated objects, string lights, and lots of plants, but the outcome is consistent in that there is a clear, and intentional feeling you get while in the space."

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And while this look is particularly popular among the Gen Z individuals who make up a large portion of TiKTok users, anyone—whether on or off the app and irregardless of age—should feel free to embrace the style, Perrault adds. "The intent is creating a haven that doesn't sacrifice vibes for societal expectations," she comments. "For example, stringing twinkle lights in your bedroom feels juvenile, but no one can deny that they make the space feel magical and cozy. The TikTok aesthetic doesn't care that you think only teenagers have string lights. You're an adult, and you get to do what you want."

It's All About Beauty and Expression

Simran Kaur, the founder of Room You Love, appreciates the TikTok aesthetic's emphasis on beauty—and freedom. "It doesn't make you conform to the decor trends that have been going on for ages," she says of the style. "In it, you are free to use whatever decor you want." Each element when decorating is pretty open ended. "You are not forced to use a particular texture for the fabrics, a particular color or plants or lights, you choose everything," Kaur comments. "There is definitely the possibility of things going wrong, but when freedom is the core, everything's fair! Right?"

Katherine Hunter, interior designer at M+A Architects shares similar sentiments. "This TikTok aesthetic is Gen Z's way of expressing themselves through more than just their clothes," she says. "Gen Z is made up of creators and makers, and they want to be a part of the design process and personalize their surroundings."

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Coziness Is Key

TikTok's "aesthetic rooms" as well as other interior styles that have risen to popularity on the app all have one thing in common: They emphasis "coziness and personality," notes Joshua Blackburn, the founder of Evolving Home. "Popular TikTok interior design trends such as cottagecore, neat and neutral, and modern minimalist are all distinguishable styles that can well capture the personality of the owner while still providing the coziness fit for a bedroom," he shares. "TikTok design trends provide a perfect balance between aesthetic and practicality, keeping in mind the livability of the space."