9 Designers Share Their Latest Purchases for Their Own Homes

Designer Maria Loveless recently purchased modern Binghamton wide velvet armchairs, which now have a spot in her living room.

Maria Loveless

Interior designers are experts at identifying items that will make their clients’ hearts sing. But there’s no way that the pros can source products all day and not grab a little something for their own homes every now and then, too, right? 

We spoke with nine designers to get the skinny on their favorite recent purchases for their own spaces—and their answers ranged the gamut from practical bedroom lighting to a bathtub fit for a queen! 

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    Showstopping Lamps

    Interior designer Ashley Colombo has one of Kelly Weartsler’s famed Linden lamps in a bedroom in her home

    Ashley Colombo / Photo by AFM Photo

    Like many designers, Ashley Colombo fell head over heels for Kelly Weartsler’s famed Linden lamps. “I think they are so fun yet functional, adding more dimension to a room filled with pattern mixing,” Colombo shared in an email. “I absolutely love them!” 

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    A Banquette

    Amy Peltier's new banquette in her dining area

    Amy Peltier

    Who says you have to stick to chairs, chairs, and more chairs in your dining area? “My favorite thing in my home is this banquette we had installed not too long ago,” designer Amy Peltier noted in an email. “It’s definitely the cutest nook in our house with the outdoor Schumacher fabric on the bench and fun throw pillows from Serena and Lily.” 

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    A Revamped Primary Bath

    Interior designer Emily Mangus recently renovated her primary bathroom

    Emily Mangus

    Designer Emily Mangus considers the purchases she made as part of a recent bathroom remodel to be 100 percent worthwhile! “We are so thankful to have renovated our [primary] bath to provide a relaxing sanctuary for us to come home to,” she said in an email. “Throughout the winter when we were all stuck indoors, we thoroughly enjoyed the steam shower, heated floors and much more as our own ‘home spa,’ since we certainly weren’t able to travel to a real spa!” 

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the Houston Association of Realtors and some national builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to make The Spruce a site where all feel welcome.

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    White Armchairs

    One of two modern Binghamton wide velvet armchairs in the home of interior designer Maria Loveless

    Maria Loveless

    Designer Maria Loveless recently purchased two modern Binghamton wide velvet armchairs, which now have a spot in her living room. “I needed a pair of chairs that complemented a white sofa I bought a couple years ago,” Loveless explained in an email. “I looked for a long time. I did not want anything traditional and it had to be the right shade of white!” Loveless appreciates how well the chairs she selected fit within the room. She said, “I love how warm and inviting they are while they bring the perfect modern touch to the space.” 

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    Antique Candlesticks

    Antique candlesticks with bird leg stems are displayed near a flower pot in the home of interior designer Victoria Pouncey

    Victoria Pouncey

    Designer Victoria Pouncey was drawn to a pair of antique bronze candlesticks featuring a bird claw design. “I purchased these at auction for my candlestick collection after seeing a similar pair at New York City's Creel and Gow years ago,” she explained in an email. “I love anything with animal feet and they look great in my dining room.”

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    A Fierce Hook

    A lion-shaped hook in the home of interior designer Phyllis Lui

    Phyllis Lui

    Designer Phyllis Lui knows that decorating is all in the details. She’s currently loving a small lion shaped hook from Anthropolgie, which she will install in her closet after completing a renovation. “The little tail is the hook part and it sits sideways on the wall,” Lui noted in an email. “Love how it will add some playfulness to the space!”

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    Bedroom Sconces

    Modern bedroom by interior designer Asha Maxey features sconces

    Asha Maxey

    A little lighting upgrade can work wonders, truly! “My favorite recent purchases for my home are the wall sconces in the primary bedroom,” designer Asha Maxey said in an email. “These are great for couples, as they provide an additional lighting option for bedtime reading and also creates a beautiful layered effect when paired with the table lamp.” 

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    Special Swivel Chairs

    Designer Lindsey Goddar's Arlo Swivel Chairs

    Lindsey Goddar

    Kids’ rooms deserve to have special touches, too, and designer Lindsey Goddard kept this outlook top of mind! “My most recent purchase for my own home, and latest obsession, are these amazing Arlo swivel chairs by Modern Love Furniture in Chicago,” she shared in an email. “I purchased a pair for my daughter's bedroom, and they are the perfect spot to read bedtime stories or lounge while she plays with her favorite toys.” Best of all, Goddard is appreciative that the chairs will continue to serve her family. “I also love that they don’t look like a typical chair you see in a kid’s room,” she explains. “They are chic and something she can grow with—if I don’t steal them for another room in our house, of course!”

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    A New Tub

    New bathtub in the Pamela O’Brien's home

    Pamela O’Brien / Photo by Cody Bess

    Unable to tackle an entire remodel? A brand new tub may make all the difference! “When I started working on my new construction Country French home, I knew I wanted a free-standing tub in front of a window in my bathroom,” designer Pamela O’Brien noted in an email.  “Everything in the room was designed around this Victoria and Albert York tub. I love how it has a vintage vibe but is not old-fashioned.”