The Elements of a Craftsman Kitchen

Beautiful New Kitchen
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The first thing to know about a craftsman kitchen is that it's all about the materials. With an emphasis on natural materials (typically real wood), a craftsman kitchen feels homey, welcoming and cozy. It's not ostentatious, but it's modern and effortlessly balances convenience and style. 

Some key elements to look for in a craftsman kitchen are heavier wooden cabinets, clean lines with detailing, vintage or sturdy hardware like brass cabinet pulls, deep sinks and prairie-style overhead lighting. 

Focus on the Cabinetry

The best craftsman kitchens have stunning cabinetry made of real wood rather than artificial materials. Hardwood veneer is an option, but try to focus on styles that have authentic details (such as shaker cabinets) for an elevated look.  

This stunning kitchen from jill_warren_design features dual-colored cabinets that stand out and feel high end. The rich hunter green pairs beautifully with the stark white cabinets and complements the rest of the craftsman-style home, especially the rich stained wood trim. 

Teal and white craftsman kitchen

Instagram / michaelakaskel

A Wonderfully Deep Sink

We love this deep farmhouse sink from laid_back_farmhouse. Craftsman kitchens are a little rugged, but incredibly functional. A deep sink like this one is not only stylish, but also serves a very specific purpose. Consider both design and function when decorating and creating your craftsman kitchen.  

Mixing in vintage accents, like the Smeg fridge seen here, can make a kitchen feel a little cozier and add warmth. An easier way to get this look is by adding an antique appliance or two to your countertops (as long as you have space!). 

Farmhouse kitchen with a deep sink
Instagram / laid_back_farmhouse

Lovely Muted Kitchen Colors

When it comes to picking out paint colors for your kitchen, focus on neutral or muted colors. We love this space from airy_kitchens because it feels rustic but modern at the same time. The muted green plays beautifully with the deep wooden cabinets, and accents, such as the red bar stools, give it that unique craftsman character. 

Kitchen with muted green cabinets

Instagram / airy_kitchens

Classic and Welcoming

This lovely gray and white kitchen from kmanningstyle is updated but still retains many classic craftsman features. The classic shaker cabinets combined with the brass cabinet pulls give it a rich, welcoming feel that's both modern and classic. 

Gray cabinets are a great choice for anyone who wants to maintain a neutral kitchen feel without resorting to white. Keep the color palette simple by pairing similar cool or warm shades with the base gray. 

Gray and white kitchen

Instagram / kmanningstyle

Unique Backsplashes

This stunning kitchen from kateroosdesign has many lovely craftsman details throughout the cabinetry, but we love the handpainted tile backsplash the most. Combing classic, rustic elements like those rich wooden cabinets with more eclectic, updated features such as handpainted tiles or antique rugs can give your kitchen a personalized look and feel. 

Craftsman style kitchen

Instagram / kateroosdesign

A Variety of Colors

While many craftsman kitchens feature deep, natural wood cabinets, you can still get the same look and feel with lighter kitchens as well. This stunning kitchen from kateroosdesign is very modern and bright, but the craftsman detailing on the cabinetry and the brass hardware give it a period-accurate feel.

Add a Persian rug to complete the look and give it a modern vintage vibe. 

All white craftsman kitchen

Instagram / kateroosdesign

Add Interesting Lighting

We adore this beautiful kitchen from brokenboxdesignspdx because it's loaded with character and feels wonderfully homey and welcoming. If you want to give your kitchen a craftsman feel, look up. Consider adding industrial or prairie-style lighting that acts as a focal point in the kitchen. This beautiful Edison bulb-outfitted fixture adds a modern-yet-traditional mood to the space. 

Blue cabinets and wooden ceiling

Instagram / brokenboxdesignspdx

Natural Countertops

When it comes to picking out a countertop for your craftsman kitchen, consider a unique but natural stone countertop, like this one from jill_warren_design. Made from quartz, we love the unique pattern that plays beautifully with the rest of the muted, restful space. 

When picking out countertops for your craftsman kitchen, focus on natural choices like stone, granite, and quartz. 

Craftsman style kitchen

Instagram / michaelakaskel

Beautiful Beams

This large kitchen from jhillinteriors features natural beams that provide plenty of character and make the large space feel a little homier and warmer. The deep farmhouse sink and the shaker cabinets play well together. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with muted but colorful cabinets such as pastel or moody shades. 

Craftsman kitchen with large beams

Instagram / jhillinteriors