Desserts from Author Laura Childs

Cook Like Author Laura Childs

Cookbooks aren't the only books that have recipes in them. There are some appetizing dessert recipes in a series of murder mysteries written by Laura Childs that you may want to try.

The Perfect Combination: Mystery Novels and Dessert

In Death by Design, an anthology (three books in one binding), Childs combines some distinctive topics into her novel: scrapbooking, murder and desserts. The books are set in New Orleans.

Plus, the characters are so delightful that you may find yourself addicted. And there are some fantastic dessert recipes included in her books that also pay homage to the region.

She also has another series -- the tea shop mysteries -- that features a distinctive Southern locale and recipes that are native to the area. These books are also filled with delightful characters, are set in another great city, Charleston, S.C. Of course, there are more desserts that are mentioned in the book with recipes to try. If you like reading with a little culinary flair thrown in, and want to try what she's writing about, the recipes let you immerse yourself in the book's world.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, Laura Childs began another murder mystery series featuring, get this, a restaurant! Needless, to say, there are even more great characters and tons of edible treats to behold.

Dessert Recipes from Author Laura Childs

The following are some of Laura Childs' dessert recipes, published with her permission:

  • Black-Bottom Bars from Fiber and Brimstone: A tasty chocolate treat in the convenience of a dessert bar.
  • Pear Butter from Bedeviled Eggs: Combine pears with apple cider into this delicious, unique pear butter!
  • Easy Chai Tiramisu from Scones and Bones: Imagine chai tea spices fused into tiramisu. It doesn't get much better than this must-try recipe.
  • Baby's Chocolate Streusel Bars from Skeleton Letters: Chocolate streusel bars combine an everyday sweet into a dessert bar texture. 
  • Haley's Butter Cake from Agony of the Leaves: There's nothing normal about this butter cake, as it is off-the-charts rich and delicious. 
  • Salty-Sweet Kettle Corn from Postcards from the Dead: Give popcorn a new taste with this kettle corn recipe.
  • Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Stake and Eggs: Again, Laura Childs combines favorite flavors into a unique breakfast (that can be served as a dessert, too!)
  • Working Girl's Quick Blueberry Scones from Gilt Trip: Make a tasty batch of blueberry scones from the recipe and writing maven, Laura Childs.
  • No-Bake Peanut Butter and Cornflake Bars from Gossamer Ghost : Peanut butter and cornflakes are mixed together for an easy no-bake dessert.