How To Determine If a Wall Is Load Bearing Wall or Not

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    Load Bearing Wall or Not?

    Load Bearing Wall or Not
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    Is the wall in this picture load-bearing? In other words, does it carry any weight besides its own weight?

    Load-bearing walls often support the weight of a floor above or trusses for the roof. When you remove a load-bearing wall, you need to provide an alternate method of supporting the weight--or risk severe damage to the house (and perhaps life and limb, too).

    Is the wall's non-continuous nature a clue? No. A wall can be non-continuous and can still be load-bearing.

    For this, we need to know...MORE the direction of the joists for the floor above.

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    Not a Load-Bearing Wall!

    Not a Load Bearing Wall
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    This is not a load-bearing wall. Generally, when the wall in question runs parallel to the joists above, it is not load-bearing. But if it runs perpendicular, there is a good chance that it does bear significant loads.

    Even if a wall is parallel to the joists, it might still bear weight. However, in this case, I went to the floor above and determined that the wall in question was 2 inches away from the nearest joist. Thus, it does not bear any weight.

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