Ideas and Inspiration: Diagonal Floor Tile

Domestic bathrooms
JazzIRT / Getty Images

Why tile diagonally? Isn't this pattern of tiling unnecessarily wasteful and--gosh, I don't know--too showy or something?

Diagonal tile isn't just found in the mansions of the rich and decadent; it's found anywhere you want to spruce up a small bathroom with minimal extra effort and almost no extra materials costs.

Yes, diagonal flooring tile is a time-tested method of tiling a small bath. By contrast, laying the tile at 90 degrees to the walls and counters creates a boxed-in effect. Diagonal placement helps visually "open up" the flooring pattern.

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    Bay Window, Diagonal Tile, and More

    Diagonal Flooring Tile Placement
    Florida Tile

    Instead of working its miracles in a small bathroom, this diagonal floor tile has been installed in a large bathroom. Notice how all of the diagonals work together--window, tub, and tile?

    What's This Tile?

    This is Pietra Art Travertine from Florida Tile

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    Black and White Diagonal Floor Tile

    Black and white diagonal tile
    Kohler; Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLP

    How much more classic does diagonal tile get than black and white? In this case, the white is more creamy, but white nonetheless.

    What's This Tile?

    Black and white 12" marble tile. This image mainly features a vintage, 1930s-style design by the firm of Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLP for the Kohler Design Center, with the tile being only one element of the design. Find this at the Kohler website, then navigate to the design area.

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    Excellent Diagonal Bathroom Tile Floor

    Tuscan Bathroom Flooring Diagonal
    Florida Tile

    A nice example of a larger-sized tile, 18" x 18", working its magic in a sizable bathroom.

    What's This Tile?

    Florida Tile's Tuscania line, Warm Walnut. Both Warm Walnut and another one from this series, Avorio, have an artful marble-like appearance without trying too overly hard to mimic marble.

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    From Big to Small, Diagonal Does It All

    White Diagonal Floor Tile
    Arizona Tile

    While we have emphasized that diagonal tile helps to visually "open up" small spaces, it works equally well in large spaces. This tiling scheme subtly, quietly ties into the room because grout color de-emphasizes the grout lines.

    What's This Tile?

    Sculptur Porcelain line of tile from Arizona Tile. Arizona Tile started doing business in 1977 and is now based in San Diego, CA.