Diane Schmidt

Diane E. Schmidt is a published author who owes her succession of moves to growing up on a fifth-generation farm where the longing for change was deeply rooted.


Diane has moved to four countries, 10 cities, two towns, and a coastal village. She and her family have moved around the block and halfway around the world, renting trucks, hiring moving companies, and packing their home more than 28 times. Through it all, she has perfected the art of stress-free moving.

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Diane studied communication and graphic design, before turning her sights to public health. She has a Master of Science degree in epidemiology and health care with a focus on health economics.

Diane Schmidt

A friend once claimed she'd rather give birth again than move, and like my friend, most people find moving households a little overwhelming, painful, and scary. This site is designed to help lessen the fears and provide you with a map that will guide you through your move. It will give you time to sit back and reflect on where you've been and where you might be going. This can be a time for renewal, to start again or to just see life through a different window.

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