A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

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    Deck the Doors with Festive Wreaths

    boy hanging wreath
    A boy hangs a Christmas wreath on his front door. Randy Faris/Getty Images

    Hanging a holiday or Christmas wreath on your door is a quick and simple way to decorate your house and neighborhood, while sending out a warm welcome to visitors. Wreaths come in many styles to suit your taste, coordinating with the architecture, interior and landscape design of your home. You can choose one that's living or artificial; realistic or stylized; and decorated or bare. Personalize a wreath by adding your own decorations.

    If your home's architectural style is Georgian or...MORE Colonial, then you may want to go with a classic or traditional green wreath of fir or pine. If your home is rustic or southwestern, a naturalistic or alternative wreath made of regional native plant cuttings, seed pods, or fruit would be appropriate.

    Contemporary and Midcentury Modern homes look fabulous with real wreaths or those made of manmade materials, like plastic, recycled, or with tinsel garland. Adorn your wreath with whatever you want: it should reflect your own taste and style, after all.


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    Hydrangeas and Pinecones

    hydrangea and pinecone wreath
    A holiday wreath with hydrangeas and pinecones. Anne Gould / EyeEm / Getty Images

    A wreath made of freshly clipped spruce, pine or other greenery smells wonderful. Add natural decorations, like dried hydrangea flowers and other types of cuttings or leaves for additional texture and color.

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    Succulent Wreath

    succulent wreath
    A succulent wreath can be displayed any time of year. Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Succulent wreaths have been popping up on doors and as table centerpieces for the past few years. Inserting small succulents into a soil and wire wreath ensures the succulents will thrive for awhile. This is the same concept as the popular succulent walls, on a smaller scale.

    Eventually, the succulents will outgrow the wreath form and will have to be replanted elsewhere, but it's easy to add new cuttings of succulents you may already have growing in the garden.

    Author Debra Lee Baldwin discusses...MORE succulent wreaths in her great book, Succulent Container Gardens (compare prices).

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    Red Poinsettia Wreath

    red poinsettia holiday wreath
    At the Ecke Ranch A stunning red wreath made from real poinsettias. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    While it might be a tad difficult for the average DIYer to attempt making a wreath out of real poinsettia petals, it certainly could be achieved with the next-best thing: faux. This stunning holiday wreath was photographed at the world-famous Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California, in San Diego County.

    It is at the Ecke Ranch that more than 75 percent of United States and 50 percent of worldwide poinsettia plants get their start. The Ecke Ranch grows traditional and unusual poinsettia cultivars in...MORE its greenhouses, including pink Dulce Rosa, red-and-white Ice Punch, Winter Rose "cupcakes," and creamy Winter Blush.

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    An Everything Wreath

    holiday wreath with artichokes
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door A little bit of everything has gone into this stunning wreath. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Faux artichokes, pomegranates and needlepoint ivy, along with pinecones and magnolia leaves, come together to make a beautiful wreath. The finishing touch is a red brocade bow.

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    Christmas Wreath on Rustic Door

    picture of fir wreath on white rustic door
    Decorating for the Holidays The fresh scent of fir clippings formed into a wreath can last for a few weeks. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Rustic or country-style Christmas wreaths are perennial favorites. In this case, the door is a charmingly rustic, peeling-paint door and the wreath is fresh, simple and green. Sort of an anti-glitz look, a plain wreath like this works well in a country or casual setting.

    Don't overlook doors, gates, fences and windows that aren't the focal point of your yard. Placing a wreath on a side gate adds an unexpected festive accent to an otherwise plain or neglected part of your yard or house.

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    Holiday Party Swag

    swag with shiny glass balls
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door A swag with shiny glass balls is a festive alternative to a wreath. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas and Designs

    A swag with shiny classic red, green and gold Christmas ornaments reflect the lights of the season and make a festive alternative to the traditional wreath. Like wreaths, most swags are decorated with bows on top.

    Hang a swag -style decoration on a narrow area -- like a post. They add vertical interest to an area and brighten up areas where wreaths won't fit or don't look right.

    An elegant swag

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    Denali White Wreath and Garland

    White Wreath and Garland from Balsam Hill - Denali White Wreath and Garland
    Decorate it for the Holidays to Reflect Your Own Style White Wreath and Garland from Balsam Hill - Denali White Wreath and Garland. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Wreath for Every Door

    This is the Denali lighted white wreath and garland from Balsam Hill. It looks great undecorated, or, in this case, decorated to coordinate with the colors of the door and to reflect the homeowner's tastes. The white lighted garland makes a festive frame for the entryway, completing the picture.

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    Balsam Hill Pinecone Wreath

    Balsam Hill Pinecone and Red Berries Holiday Wreath
    A Wreath for Every Door Red berries and real pinecones adorn this Christmas wreath from Balsam Hill. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Holiday Wreaths for All Different Architectural and Design Styles

    A fat and gorgeous holiday wreath from Balsam Hill decorates this residential gate during the holidays. It's the gate, and not the front door of this house, that is visible from the street. Although both bear wreaths and are decorated, it's the gate's wreath that gives the home its holiday curb appeal.

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    Wreath Made of Artichokes, Berries & Pinecones

    picture of artichoke wreath
    A Christmas Wreath for Every Door Artchokes, berries and pinecones are combined to make a gorgeous wreath. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Decorating for Christmas

    An unusual combination of form, texture and color becomes a stunning holiday wreath design. While these artichokes look real, they are a very-good faux 'choke that does not look waxy or plastic. Other "ingredients" that can be used on a wreath include:

    • Dried chiles
    • Cinnamon sticks
    • Green Nandina berries
    • Red pepper tree berries
    • Dried orange or apple slices
    • Twigs
    • Kumquats or loquats
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    Double Red Floral Wreaths

    red flower wreaths
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door Assorted red flowers decorate two vertically placed door wreaths. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas

    Two vertically placed wreaths add lots of much-needed color to doors or windows during the winter holiday season. No beads, bows or baubles are needed; assorted flowers -- all in red -- provide plenty of ornamentation.

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    A Wreath Within

    Red and Green, in a New Old-Fashioned Way Kind of traditional, but not exactly. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Wreath for Every Door

    A wreath made of freshly cut and aromatic pines and firs looks fabulous naked -- that is, there's no reason to adorn it with ribbons, ornaments, toys, candy, or anything else except a few pinecones here and there. The size of this beauty will lure many admirers. With plenty of room in the center, a red chile wreath is a new take on a classic color combo.

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    Magnolia Wreath with White Flowers

    magnolia wreath with white flowers
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door Small white flowers adorn a magnolia-leaf wreath. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas and Designs

    Another way to decorate a magnolia wreath, this time with small white flowers that reflect the beauty of the winter season.

    More Magnolia Wreaths
    Undecorated Magnolia Wreath
    Decorated Magnolia Wreaths

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    No Place Like Shed for the Holidays

    a shed with a christmas wreath
    A Charming Way to Decorate Other Outside Structures You're only limited by the number of wreaths you own or can make. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    Wreaths aren't limited to front doors. Take a look around at all the places people hang wreaths during the holidays: in front of windows, on barns, from balconies, balustrades, gates, concrete block walls, and anywhere else they can think of, like cars and trucks. This aluminum shed gets dressed-up for the holidays with a beautiful turquoise-accented wreath.

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    Elegant Swag

    swag on door
    Green, Blue and Gold-Toned Ornaments on a Swag Swags are good for narrow doors, where an average-sized wreath might be too large, and a small wreath would get lost. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    lAn elegant green-painted door with formal light fixtures gets a beautiful twist on the wreath. Swags aren't round or donut-shaped like wreaths. They're usually full, have some greenery, but are vertical and usually about 1-2 feet long. Like wreaths, swags are traditionally placed at eye-level and centered on the door.

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    Natural Green Wreath

    green holiday wreath
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door Fresh, natural and green for the holidays. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas and Designs

    Sometimes all-green and all-natural wreaths are the best choice. Fir, pine, magnolia leaves, pinecones and green berries make up this fresh and natural wreath.

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    It's a Small World Wreath

    wreath and garland at Disneyland's Small World attraction
    A Wreath for Every Holiday Door A wreath and garland at Disneyland's Small World attraction is sparkling and fantasy-like. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Wreath Ideas to Decorate Your Doors

    This is one of many wreaths and garlands outside Disneyland's It's a Small World attraction in Anaheim, California. It's made either of clear balls with colored lights inside each glass ball, or colored globes with lights inside. Either way, the result is spectacular and fantasy-like -- appropriate for Disneyland.

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    Turquoise Treasure

    wreath on turquoise door
    Because You're Not Just Limited to Red and Green A door this vibrant makes you want to step inside. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    With a charming wooden door in a standout color like turquoise, a traditional red and green wreath wouldn't make nearly the same impact that this one does. The owner used a plain artificial wreath and picked up on the turquoise with a wide wire ribbon and small glass ornaments in the same hue. The turquoise really "pops" -- even from a distance. Matching wreaths are also on a window and the door of the shed, seen in a previous slide.

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    Magenta, Gold & Green Wreath

    artichoke wreath
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door An artichoke and berry wreath with a gold and magenta bow. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas and Designs

    Artichokes seem to be the "it" ornament for the holidays. For a different look, introduce a coordinating color -- like gold or magenta -- and choose a bow that ties together these colors.

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    Disneyland Gingerbread Wreath

    Gingerbread man wreath at Disneyland in Anaheim
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door A gingerbread man and other yummy creations adorn a wreath on a light pole at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Wreath Ideas to Decorate Your Doors, Windows, Fences, Gates & Anywhere You Can Hang a Wreath Outside for the Holidays

    Another holiday wreath at Disneyland lights up the night with its delicious symbols of the Christmas holidays: gingerbread people, ribbon candy and other sugary concoctions and toys. None of the sweets depicted on the wreath are real, of course.

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    Eucalyptus Wreath

    eucalyptus wreath on fence
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door A natural, Eucalyptus-leaf wreath in a rustic setting. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Wreath Ideas to Decorate Your Doors

    A simple wooden fence gets decorated for the holidays -- or anytime -- with a beautiful natural wreath made of dried Eucalyptus leaves. Natural wreaths with leaves, twigs, branches, nuts, seed pods and other organic things usually look best without any extra ornamentation. Can you imagine how little gingerbread dolls and candy canes might look incongruous (and trash-up) a lovely, natural wreath such as this one?

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    Magnolia Wreath

    magnolia wreath in box
    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door A magnolia-leaf wreath, still in its box. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Ideas and Designs

    The large, shiny and beautiful form of Magnolia leaves have become a popular choice for wreaths. Here is one still in the box, simple, unadorned and breathtaking.

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    Double Delight

    two christmas wreaths on front door
    Try Two or More for Impact Double your door's holiday splendor with a couple of wreaths. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    There's something about two or three wreaths that really add dazzle to a door. These transition well from Thanksgiving into Christmas and New Year's because of their warm bronzes and golds, along with the use of natural accents like seed pods. It looks best if the wreaths are identical, similar, or the same design in different sizes. Putting a wreath of freshly cut evergreens next to a silver aluminum one doesn't work as well.

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    Vintage Wreath Hanger

    vintage wreath stand for christmas wreath
    When the Door is Not Enough A portable wreath hanger can prove to be indispensable. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    If you look around your yard, you might come up with a new use for an out-of-season object, like this wrought iron standing plant hanger. One of the many advantages of using a portable display hanger is that it can be moved around when necessary. Try it out on the front porch, move it up to the balcony, close to the entry, on a pathway or bring it inside. Recognize the wreath and shed behind it?

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    Still Life

    A Lot's Going On in a Little Space This casual roadside display with chile decorations is a work of art. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Wreath for Every Door

    Here's proof that you don't need ample room to make an impression -- this intriguing display at a roadside produce and flower stand near San Diego packs a lot of punch in a small outdoor space. The dark red wreath is made of dried chiles, which are a popular motif in Southwest decor.

    Note the clever method of display for the wreath and other chile arrangements -- the light green-painted wood shutters are not only a practical way of hanging these items; they add much more...MORE visual interest than being propped up or laid out on the table. Add a mirrored "window", red distressed planter box filled with tropical Anthuriums, various succulents and echeveria, and some other weathered garden accessories, and you've got a truly original display that easily transitions into the new year.

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    Decorated Magnolia Wreaths

    picture of magnolia leaves wreaths
    A Christmas Wreath for Every Door Leaves from a Magnolia tree make a beautiful wreath. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Picture Gallery of Holiday Wreath Designs and Ideas

    You saw an unadorned magnolia wreath still in its box. The addition of gold bows and berries decorates the wreaths without becoming too busy or detracting from the beautiful form and simplicity of the magnolia leaves.

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    Wall Vase

    wreath and christmas poinsettia hanger
    The Wreath is Cute, But the Vase is the Real Star A simple design draws just as much attention as an elaborate display. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Wreath for Every Door

    Appropriately placed front and center in this wall arrangement is a one-of-a-kind, painted metal wall vase with a wrought iron holder. The look is strikingly simple, and all you need to do is drop in a small pot of flowers, like these red poinsettias, or fresh-cut flowers or greenery. Notice that the small wreath is livened-up with colorful spools of red thread and other charming touches.

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    Fresh Wreath & Tropicals

    The Scents of Christmas Tropical flowers lend an exotic touch to this evergreen wreath. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Wreath for Every Door

    Freshly cut greenery from firs and conifers in different shades of green make this large wreath a wonderfully scented addition to your door and entryway. Orchids, daylilies and Anthurium add a tropical flair to this flower and fruit stand in San Diego County, where you can find just-picked tangerines next to fresh-cut Christmas trees.

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    Patio Door Wreath

    patio door decorated with wreath
    A Christmas Wreath for Every Door A patio door gets dressed up for Christmas with a natural green wreath. Photo &copy Hallett Taylor

    Decorating for the Christmas Holidays

    Doors aren't the only place to hang a Christmas wreath. Don't forget to decorate other outdoor areas of your home, including doors leading to patios and decks. You may find that you end up viewing your patio, deck or "backyard" wreath more than you do your front door wreath.

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    Shiny & Bright

    wreath on iron gate
    A Gate Gets Dressed Up for the Holidays Don't neglect gates and fences when decorating for the winter holidays. Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    If other doors, gates, gazebos or garden structures will be seen during the holidays -- like from the street -- then decorate these areas too. Residents living in mild-winter regions often use their patios and decks to entertain and cook outdoors during the holidays. Adding light strands, wreaths and outdoor ornaments brings your guests outside and extends your entertaining space. When it gets chilly, light up a heat lamp or firepit.

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    Red Berry Wreath

    red berry christmas wreath on red door
    Red on Red Red berries, red door. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    Look no farther than your front door for inspiration when decorating a wreath. This homeowner picked up on the reddish-brown color of the front door by using lots of red berries on the wreath. The result? It's noticeable from a distance (I shot this with a zoom lens).

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    International Style

    christmas wreath at mission inn in riverside california
    Decorate Wreath at Mission Inn This big wreath is on an upper outside wall of the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

    A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

    This wreath is large -- it probably measures about 4-5 feet in diameter. The wreath is one of many on the upper stories of the outside walls at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, California. Adorning the wreath are artificial poinsettias, shiny ornaments and dolls representing various countries and races. The hotel's balconies are decorated with larger dolls -- some animated -- that are part of the international theme during the holidays.