8 Different Ways to Decorate a Halloween Mantel

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    Halloween Mantel with Family Photos

    halloween mantel with family photos
    Family Photos on Halloween Mantel. Landeelu

    When the time comes to decorate for any holiday or season, the fireplace mantel is one of the first places to get decked out. Typically the focal point in the room, the mantel is a great place to highlight holiday decor, and it's also an easy spot to transition from season to season by tweaking the accessories displayed on top. As summer transitions to fall and pumpkins are aplenty at farm stands and grocery stores, it's fun to start thinking about how to decorate for Halloween.

    To be sure, pumpkins are ubiquitous this time of year, and certainly, there are many ways to use them on a Halloween mantel. But while pumpkins are a classic choice that never go out of style, there are a number of other ways to decorate a Halloween mantel that you may not have considered. 

    These unique Halloween mantels range from spooky to sweet, and are sure to inspire you to think beyond pumpkins.

    Halloween Mantel with Family Photos

    Take, for instance, this Halloween mantel that relies on family photos of a different sort. If you typically use your mantel to display family photos, there's no need to depart from this entirely for Halloween. Simply swap out the everyday photos with an assortment of shots featuring kids in costumes. This lends a slightly spooky appearance to the mantel, and when layered with orange elements, the black and white prints really pop.  

    As a variation on this idea, search for and print vintage photos of Halloween costumes for a truly eerie look. 

    Halloween Mantel with Family Photos by Landeelu

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    Halloween Mantel with Metallic Accents

    gold halloween mantel
    Add Metallics to Your Halloween Mantel. Better Homes & Gardens

    It may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine a Halloween color scheme, but metallics will give your mantel a glamorous glow. This one leans on a few traditional motifs like crows, spiders and pumpkins, but the mix becomes unexpected with the addition of a gilded leaf garland and a vase full of fan-like fronds for extra theater. A few pumpkins sporting gold paint tie the metallic theme all the way down to the floor. (Gold spray paint has the power to elevate ordinary objects to something special; consider painting everyday things like these to pull off a mantel like this one.) 

    Finally, thanks to the addition of a couple of pantalone Carnival masks, the whole mantel has a very Phantom of the Opera air of mystery.

    Halloween Mantel with Metallic Accents from Better Homes & Gardens

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    Halloween Mantel with Creepy Critters

    orange and black halloween mantel
    Orange and Black Halloween Mantel. Kelly Elko

    This mantel features not just one but five critters sure to give you the creeps. Bats, owls, spiders, rats and snakes take center stage in this display that covers all the common phobias in one fell swoop. The stark and simple backdrop of this white mantel allows the black silhouettes to stand out in stark contrast and the orange pumpkins bring a pop of seasonal color to the display.

    A couple of old windows lend some structure to the thematic elements on this mantel; there's even one standing in as a makeshift fireplace screen that helps tie the whole look together.

    Halloween Mantel with Creepy Critters by Kelly Elko

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    Halloween Mantel in Black White and Blue

    unique halloween mantel
    Unique Halloween Mantel. Target

    This Halloween mantel demonstrates how to pull off a tasteful, traditional look for the holiday without leaning too heavily on the usual suspects of spiders, witches, or ghosts.

    If you tend to decorate with a lot of blue, you've probably noticed that it can be challenging to embrace typical autumnal or Halloween color schemes. This dark blue room solves the dilemma by swapping orange out for more of an ochre color in the candles and relying on warm woods and metals for extra interest. Black and white pumpkins sporting a chevron pattern, as well as jack-o-lanterns with devilish grins keep the scene playful and spot-on for the season, yet not overly thematic.

    Image Source: Target

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    A Gothic Halloween Mantel

    halloween mantel with cobwebs
    Halloween Mantel with Cobwebs. Yellow Cape Cod

    This mantel features a large monogram flanked by four silhouettes for its everyday look; but, fortunately, these accents can take on a decidedly Gothic feel by surrounding them with a creepier context. Cobweb material dripping from the corners and the addition of a couple tall black candle holders transform this focal point in the room from traditional to eerie in a heartbeat. A few crows standing sentry complete the look and make the display feel like a Gothic haunted house.

    Gothic Halloween Mantel from The Yellow Cape Cod

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    Family-Friendly Halloween Mantel

    cute halloween mantel
    Cute Halloween Mantel. Grandin Road

    If you're looking for Halloween decor without the gore, here's a great option. This Halloween mantel is more cute than creepy, making it a family-friendly option for households with little ones. Add in purple and green for a color scheme that's more playful, and skip the things that make your skin crawl in favor of a strand of friendly ghosts. Delight the kids with jars of candy corn and whimsical elements like the broomstick propped in the corner. 

    Image Source: Grandin Road

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    Funereal Halloween Mantel

    funereal halloween mantel
    Funeral Halloween Mantel. Karin Lidbeck-Brent

    Crows make an appearance on this Halloween mantel as well. Staged in various poses on a branch, these black birds look especially realistic and give homage to Edgar Allan Poe and his ominous poetry that has become synonymous with Halloween. It's a great idea to ground branches from your yard--or faux boughs purchased from the craft store--with an empty picture frame to give the look more presence.

    The show-stopping element on this mantel, however, is the oversized, black crepe bow draped expertly across the front. This element is simple to execute, but does all the heavy lifting in creating a funereal feel for your fireplace. 

    Finally, the inside of the fireplace is filled with candles, lending loads of ambiance to this macabre scene.

    Funeral Halloween Mantel by Karin Lidbeck-Brent

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    Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Mantel

    nightmare before christmas mantel
    Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Mantel. Peppermint Plum

    This unique way to decorate your mantel for Halloween pulls motifs from either Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas or everyone's favorite: Beetlejuice. To pull off this look, use lots of black and white, whimsical patterns such as polka dots, cabana stripes, and diamonds, and other-worldly elements such as misshapen trees with curled branches, twisted candlesticks, and melting clocks. A Burton-esque skeleton or two would complete the look.

    Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Mantel from Peppermint Plum