20 Dining Room Curtain Ideas to Liven Up a Room

two-tone curtains

Louis Duncan-He

If you're in the market for a set of dining room curtains but aren't sure what style or color to choose, that's completely normal. After all, there are so many different options to consider, and all of the choices can be overwhelming! Perhaps you crave pattern or color, or maybe you'd prefer to keep things simple.

The good news is that there's really no right or wrong approach when it comes to selecting dining room curtains. We've rounded up 20 inspiring rooms that show you many different approaches you can try—after taking a look at various setups, you'll be ready to outfit your own space in no time.

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    Go Monochrome

    brown curtains in dining room

    Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    If you want your curtains to blend in with your dining space and not make a major splash, choose a hue that complements your wall color to a T. In this space, brown was the name of the game and is a timeless neutral that provides an elegant, cohesive feel to the room.

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    Try a Color Combo

    black and white curtains

    Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    This dining room is full of individual black and white pieces—so why not opt for a combo of the two colors when picking out curtains? These black and white striped curtains are chic and help to tie the space together perfectly.

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    Add a Touch of Contrast

    dining room with gray curtains and gray walls

    Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    If you appreciate the concept of a monochrome look but aren't fully committed to finding curtains that perfectly match your wall color, you can always opt for a fabric that is slightly lighter or darker for a tiny bit of contrast. Here, dark gray curtains wonderfully complement gray wall coverings that are just a tad lighter.

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    Go Sheer

    sheer white curtains

    Sandra Asdourian Interiors

    Say yes to sunlight and brighten your dining room by opting for sheer curtains. Note that sheer curtains offer less privacy, so you may wish to place a layer of blinds behind them, as was done in this space if your dining room is easily visible from outside.

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    Play With Patterns

    blue and white patterned curtains

    Interior Impressions

    Patterns are an excellent way to add a touch of playfulness to a more formal dining space. This blue and white fabric ties together the colors present in this dining room while adding some extra life to the space.

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    Keep Things Subtle

    chevron curtains

    Interior Impressions

    Of course, not all patterns need to be extra bold. A lighter chevron pattern adds a touch of whimsy to these simpler curtains without being overwhelming.

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    Don't Let Plain Walls Get You Down

    blue curtains

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you're drawn to color but can't paint your walls, opt for vibrant curtains! This is a great solution if you're in a rental or other temporary space and can't make major changes to your home. Curtains are also easy to pack up and bring with you to your next house, making them a worthwhile investment.

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    Think Two-Tone

    green and yellow two tone curtains

    Louis Duncan-He

    Two-tone curtains add pizzazz to this dining space. If you're looking to bring in some contrast, it's more than ok to choose curtains featuring hues that aren't already present in the space. Here, green and yellow add a bold touch.

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    Pick a Showstopper

    blue and white geometric curtains

    Louis Duncan-He

    If your windows are extra large and take up most of your dining room wall space, you may not have a ton of room left over to hang art. In this case, you'll want to make the most of your curtains and choose an artful design that will add personality to your space. These blue and white geometric curtains are colorful, contemporary, and certainly a conversation starter!

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    Do As the Romans Do

    roman shades

    Louis Duncan-He

    Roman shades are quite popular and make for a nice alternative to heavier curtains. The blue and white color palette in this traditional dining room translates wonderfully to the windows.

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    Try Some Scandinavian Design

    white curtains in dining room

    Alvin Wayne

    There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and going with plain white dining room curtains—the color is a classic for a reason. Paired with cane chairs, the white curtains give the space a major Scandinavian feel.

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    Save Some Space

    roman shade with pattern

    Sarah Szwajkos

    If your dining room is on the smaller side and has just one window, a roman shade is also a smart option given that it will help the space feel a bit airier and less cramped. Don't be afraid to opt for a patterned pick, though, this cheerful pattern is also reflected on the throw pillows that rest atop the dining bench.

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    Go Floral

    coral and floral curtains

    Lara Kimmerer

    If your dining room is pretty traditional, a floral pattern is always a great choice when it comes to curtains. This one features coral accents that complement the wall color.

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    Continue a Favorite Pattern

    toile wallpaper and curtains

    Lara Kimmerer

    This dining room gives the concept of going monochrome a new meaning! Here, the toile wallpaper pattern is continued onto the curtains for a major cohesive, statement-making result.

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    Don't Underestimate Plain White

    white curtains and tropical wallpaper

    Britt Design Studio

    That said, maybe you're only game for patterned wallpaper or patterned curtains and not both. This dining room features a busy wallpaper print and painted trim, so incorporating solid white curtains helps tone things down a bit.

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    Mix and Match Patterns

    blue and green curtains

    Studio Peake

    Fuse together blues and greens to create a soothing dining nook. Mixing and matching patterns is more than welcome and results in a cozy, curated look.

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    Incorporate Some Piping

    white dining room curtains with green piping

    Kate Dreyer

    Adding some colorful piping is a great way to celebrate a love of color even if you plan to keep your curtains mostly neutral. Choose a color that is already dominant in your dining room—in this case, green already appears on the walls—and let it shine.

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    Go Tropical

    tropical curtains

    Forbes and Masters

    Who says you can't bring some tropical vibes into your dining room? Have a little fun with the space and transport yourself off to someplace warm and sunny. Pick out seating that enhances this island look—cane and rattan pieces are always a hit.

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    Look Around Your Space

    gray dining room curtains

    Chelius House of Design

    If you're feeling uninspired about what curtain color to choose, you can always play off an accent in your dining room that appeals to you most. For example, maybe you'd like to play up the color of the chairs at the head of your table—take a cue from this dining space and do just that.

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    Chill Out

    sisal roman shades

    Becca Interiors

    Consider your home's surroundings when choosing dining room curtains. Roman shades made from sisal are perfect for this laid-back, Southampton surf retreat.