10 Beautiful Dining Room Paint Colors

This dining room was painted in Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball.

Style by Emily Henderson

When it comes to picking out the perfect dining room paint color, look for a shade that sets the mood for the space. Not just any shade will do. You want an invigorating space that complements the vibe and gatherings that take place there.

Here are our picks for the best dining room paint colors.

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    Best Neutral: Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

    Agreeable Gray/Beige Sherwin-Williams
    The Spruce

    A neutral hue like Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray is a great choice for a modern, light dining room. This gray is almost a greige, and its versatility makes it perfect in almost any setting. This cool, beige gray plays beautifully with light woods and neutral accents to create a monochrome palette. 

    Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 

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    Best Beige: The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige SPR-05

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Macrame Beige
    The Spruce

    A classic dining room needs a classic hue, and what's more timeless than a soft beige? The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige is a light beige that has subtle peach undertones that are more apparent in smaller rooms. It's a great choice for formal dining rooms, and offers a sophisticated feel without becoming too stuffy. Now you just need the perfect dining table to finish the space. 

    The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige SPR-05

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    Best Moody: Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

    Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue swatch

    The Spruce

    You'll likely spend shorter periods of time in your dining room than you would in other living spaces, so a statement color can really work in this room. We love Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue because it's an incredibly rich and moody navy. It can feel both sophisticated and modern, and pairs nicely with cool white accents. 

    Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

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    Best Brown: Magnolia Elemental

    Magnolia Elemental color swatch
    The Spruce

    Brown is one of those shades that's often overlooked in home decor, but it can be a great choice for a dining room. Magnolia's Elemental is a warm brown with soft yellow undertones that gives off a more traditional or stately feel, depending on the furniture you pair with it. It can also feel earthy and natural when used with sage or olive tones.   

    Magnolia Elemental

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    Best White: Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

    Benjamin Moore White Dove paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Even if you think a dining room is a great place to experiment, that doesn't mean you have to pick a bold color. A hue like Benjamin Moore's White Dove is a go-to for dining rooms because it's an incredibly versatile and forgiving white that plays wonderfully with a wide variety of colors. It has just enough yellow to keep it from feeling sterile, and will easily lighten up a dark dining room space.  

    Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

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    Best Earthy: Farrow & Ball Mizzle No. 266

    Mizzle Farrow and Ball swatch
    The Spruce

    If you want to give your dining room a grounded, unassuming mood while still adding dimension and color, Farrow & Ball Mizzle is a great choice. This soft green shade has strong gray undertones and feels intriguingly misty (almost smoky) at the same time. It gives a room a sense of calm and tranquility and is a great color for an open concept dining room. 

     Farrow & Ball Mizzle 

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    Best Pink: Benjamin Moore First Light 2102-70

    Benjamin Moore First Light swatch
    The Spruce

    Think pink is only for little girls' rooms? Think again. Benjamin Moore's First Light is almost a neutral, but offers just enough pigment to fall solidly into the pink category. It's a light and airy shade that is a little whimsical and a little trendy, but incredibly versatile in nearly any dining room.  

    Benjamin Moore First Light 2102-70

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    Best Red: Valspar Cut Ruby 1009-4

    Valspar Cut Ruby swatch
    The Spruce

    If you've been looking for an excuse to experiment with a bold red paint color, a dining room is the perfect opportunity. Valspar's Cut Ruby is a rich scarlet hue that looks beautiful against candlelight for those romantic stay-at-home dates. It's a very rich color that can feel traditional or modern, depending on the accents you pair it with. 

    Valspar Cut Ruby 1009-4 

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    Best Green: Behr Inland 430F-6

    Behr Inland swatch
    The Spruce

    We don't predict hunter green is going away anytime soon, and it's one of our favorite choices for a dining room. Behr's Inland is a medium hunter green that's neutral enough to pair with a wide variety of shades. It's sophisticated, but can be turned down with a fun shade pairing like mustard yellow. 

    Behr Inland 430F-6

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    Best Blue: Sherwin-Williams Stardew SW 9138

    Sherwin-Williams Stardew swatch
    The Spruce

    If you want to create an airy, tranquil dining room, consider a color such as Sherwin-Williams Stardew. This cool, muted blue has green and gray undertones and is a lovely alternative to typical gray colors. It works well in a modern farmhouse home and lends an airy feel to any room.   

    Sherwin-Williams Stardew SW 9138