20 Dining Room Rug Ideas

striped neutral dining room rug

Desiree Burns Interiors

If you're in the process of decorating your dining room, keep in mind that a rug is an excellent way to make your dining space feel more comfortable and complete. But if you're struggling to land on the perfect area rug or aren't sure which styles or colors would be right for your space, you're going to want to take a look at the 20 inspiring dining rooms below. Whether you're a color lover, prefer neutrals, or are somewhere in between, you won't want to miss out on these well-designed spaces that prove rugs in the dining room are a total must.

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    Opt for a Knit Rug

    simple white dining room rug

    Victoria Bell Design

    A thick knit rug like this one keeps a space feeling welcoming and cozy—and is always soft underfoot. In this space, it really pops against the dark wooden floors and makes the room look nice and serene.

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    Be Bright

    colorful rug

    Mary Patton Design

    Today's dining rooms are fun-filled spaces. So why not say yes to color? In this bright and peppy dining room, a cheerful patterned rug is the perfect finishing touch and proves that the dining space doesn't need to be stuffy or serious.

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    Try a Checkered Print

    checkered rug

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    In a farmhouse-inspired dining space, a checkered rug makes for an excellent accent. This one is warm, modern, and plenty big—definitely don't skimp on rug size in this space; you'll want your rug to take up most of the room.

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    Go Multicolor

    colorful woven rug

    Tyler Karu Design

    A multicolored rug like this one is full of energy, and it offers an added bonus in that it'll help camouflage crumbs and stains without fail. It's definitely important to be mindful of your family's lifestyle—and potential messes—when selecting a rug for a space like this one.

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    Make It Abstract

    blue and white abstract rug

    Gray Space Interiors

    A swirly, blue and white rug is modern and playful. Once again, this rug is quite sizable and really makes a statement, even in this large dining space.

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    Try a Geometric Print

    geometric rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    Go geo! A colorful geometric rug adds energy to this otherwise simple dining space. Just because you love neutral furniture doesn't mean you can't go bold when it comes to flooring.

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    Blend Blue and White

    blue and white circle rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    Here's another example of a contemporary blue and white rug; it complements the abstract art hanging on the wall wonderfully. Definitely keep artwork, window treatments, and other decorations of this kind top of mind and ensure they will play nicely with your rug choice.

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    Say Yes to Texture

    textured rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    A textured rug looks right at home in this mid-century modern style dining room. Though this space lacks color, it still offers plenty of visual interest due to the various shapes and lines present.

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    Use a Classic Jute

    jute rug with border

    Louis Duncan-He

    Jute rugs are a classic option for any room in the home. If you're looking for a piece with a subtle twist, opt for a rug with a border. It will really make your rug stand out and look a bit grander.

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    Keep It Simple

    neutral rug

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    A white patterned rug fits nicely into this dining room, which is airy and sunlit yet still appears calm and cozy.

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    Go for Some Stripes

    striped rug

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Say yes to stripes! Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns in your dining room. Here, busy wallpaper and a striped area rug look excellent together, despite being an unexpected pairing. And note that dining rooms no longer have to feature traditional china cabinets and tall wooden chairs. If you crave rattan, go for it!

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    Pair Blue and Yellow

    multicolor rug

    Chaney Widmer

    Think about the entire room when choosing your rug. Here, a multicolor rug with yellow and blue tones ties back to this dining room's wall color as well as the light wooden furniture present.

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    Make It Vintage

    colorful rug

    Becky of Daly Digs

    Vintage (or vintage-inspired) rugs are having a major moment and look beautiful on their own or layered atop a larger jute. It's easy to source special vintage pieces from all over the globe by visiting websites such as eBay and Etsy, which are chock full of vendors offering beautiful rugs at unbeatable prices.

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    Be Playful

    checkered rug

    Megan Deusterhaus

    Make your dining room a bit playful with a gingham rug like this one. It reminds us of an oversized picnic blanket—what's not to love?

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    Think Traditional

    formal dining room rug

    Teaselwood Design

    If your style leans more traditional, a rug like this one is an outstanding pick. The blue and red hues are classic and sophisticated.

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    Stay Cool

    coastal rug

    Caitlin Swanson

    In this coastal inspired dining room, a large patterned rug with reds and whites really allows black chairs to pop. Just because a space is coastal in style doesn't mean it solely has to incorporate whites and blues; don't be afraid to go dark.

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    Take a Color Risk

    orange and blue rug

    Erika Conner

    Don't be shy about pairing blue and orange together; the two colors look lovely on this rug. Your dining room, just like any other room of your home, should reflect your personal style and personality; go ahead and think outside the box if you're so inclined!

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    Bring the Drama

    blue gray rug

    JK Interior Living

    If you love the look of knit rugs but prefer a piece that's darker in hue, why not say yes to something that's blue/gray? Here, a darker rug shines against wooden furniture and brings a bit of drama to the space.

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    Mix Styles

    thick knit rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    While we often see knit rugs like this one in coastal spaces, you can certainly go ahead and pair them with more traditional furniture, like these faux bamboo Chinese Chippendale chairs. Thoughtfully blending different design styles will always yield a one-of-a-kind space that makes a major first impression.

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    Say Hi to Faux Hide

    faux hide rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    If animal print is calling your name, a faux hide rug may be an excellent solution for your space. If you can't find one quite large enough for your dining room, you can always layer it over a bigger solid-colored rug. We see many instances of faux hides placed over jute rugs, which is a great way to mix and match different textures within one space.