12 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Enliven Your Dining Room With the Right Wall Decor

vintage pieces in retro dining room


While kitchens are perfect for casual meals, in many homes dining rooms are special places for breaking bread with friends and family. Making your space more inviting for those special moments can take a little finesse. Upping your wall decor game is a beautiful way to get the job done. Whether you are looking to show off a unique collection of photographs or are eager to make a statement with a large original one-of-kind-print or splash of color, these wall decor ideas will enliven your current dining room with a fresh and stylish vibe ideal for entertaining.

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    Give a Beautiful First Impression With Vintage

    boho dining room


    Creating an eclectic living room similar to this one is incredibly easy to do without busting your budget. Setting the tone for this space featured on Stadshem are mismatched chairs arranged around a modestly-sized table. On the walls are two Paris flea market finds. The first is the reproduction of a classic painting. On the right wall is an antique mirror. The mashup of styles from different periods beautifully personalizes things.

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    Make a Statement With a Monochromatic Wall Display

    cream and black dining room

    Ramsey Interiors

    Arguably, when it comes to decorating, nothing is quite as dramatic as a striking monochromatic color scheme, as shown in this dining room by Ramsey Interiors. Here, jet black walls create a backdrop for a collection sculptural items all made of white porcelain. Flanking the display are two candlestick lamps that illuminate the pretty arrangement at night.

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    Create a Colorful Library to Double as Wall Decor

    colorful black dining room with ghost chairs

     Ann Lowengart Interiors

    This modern dining room by Ann Lowengart Interiors goes beyond traditional wall decor thanks to a floor to ceiling, built-in bookcase. Who needs art when you can create a vibrant wall display by color blocking your library?

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    Make White Walls Pop With Dramatic Wall Art

    traditional dining room with a modern twist


    Crisp white walls provide the opportunity to display a bold graphic painting in this dining room spotted on Homepolish.

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    Skip the Wall Art and Consider a Custom Mural

    Painted feature wall in dining room

    J H Interior Design

    You deserve a dining room that shows off your personal taste and interior designer Jessica Helgerson agrees. When designing this space, Helgerson created a one-of-kind mural instead of going with traditional wall decor. We love the mural's soothing ocean-like vibe.

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    Add a Framed Print to Pull Elements Together

    Whisper gray walls in dining room

    Studio McGee

    A beautiful still life of a fruit bowl and flowers punch up the white walls in this modern farmhouse-inspired dining room by Studio McGee. Note how the colors and items featured in the framed print ties together the other decorative elements in the space, most notably the tree in the corner and the vase filled with white flowers.

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    Decorate With Items You Already Own

    vintage pieces in retro dining room


    Treasured photos and prints bring this small dining space featured on Homepolish to life. The contrasting styles of the images and frames injects the room with a stylish vibrancy.

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    Create a Custom Look With Prized Prints and Photos

    Maximalist decor in tiny dining room

    Scheer and Company

    Here is another example of how you can use things you already own to spice up a dining room. The talented interior designers at Scheer and Company took this example to the next level by covering an entire wall with a collection of prints and photos. Note how not keeping all the frames at eye level adds a huge dose of visual interest. The wall on the left is equally intriguing, thanks to a small collection of hats and a vintage camera case.

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    Feature a Giant Chalkboard

    chalkboard paint ideas in dining room

    Luster Custom Homes

    Sometime all you need is an exceptionally large item to make a dramatic statement. A giant chalkboard dresses up one wall in this small dining by Luster Custom Homes.

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    Bring on the Glam With Distressed Mirrors

    sleek midcentury inspired glass chandelier

    Nolen Homes

    White walls and pale pink furniture allow dramatic pieces on the walls to pop in this dining room by Nolen Homes. On the right are three tall, distressed mirrors that add a bit of sparkling drama. Lending vibrant colors to the space is the bold print on the back wall.

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    Go for One Colorful Piece of Wall Art

    Simple wall decor in modern dining room

    Black Lacquer Design

    In this chic dining room by Black Lacquer Design, white walls are the perfect canvas for showing off colorful pieces. The simple abstract yellow print on the left wall compliments the striking green drapes.

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    Punctuate a Neutral Dining Room

    striking midcentury inspired dinging

    Studio McGee

    Neutral spaces can certainly feel chic and a bit edgy, as is the case with this dining room by Studio McGee. The large, graphic black and white print on the wall beautifully punctuates the space.