30 Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas for Any Time of Year

Dining table centerpiece ideas

Ashley Webb Interiors

Your dining room table is a blank canvas when it comes to interior design, but it can be challenging to venture outside the typical vase and grocery store bouquet combo. A truly exquisite centerpiece can be so much more than the focal point on your table. In fact, with the right decor choices, your centerpiece can become the statement piece in your whole dining room. You just have the find the right selection for your specific table and taste.

Here are 30 dining room centerpiece ideas to help you elevate your design and create an eye-catching display in your home.

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    Pick a Modern Art Piece

    Dining room centerpiece with modern art piece

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    If you're a fan of modern and contemporary design, a vibrant collection of flowers may not be the right feel for your dining room. Instead, consider a sleek, minimal art piece.

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    Display Flowers From Your Garden

    Dining room centerpiece with flowers from the garden

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    Why pay for a store-bought bouquet when you can create your own display with flowers and foliage from right outside your door? Take a walk outside, see what catches your eye, and let your creative juices flow.

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    Use a Simple Decorative Bowl

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with empty bowl

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    Some people may prefer an assorted bowl of fruits or ceramic spheres over a vase as their dining table centerpiece, but you can also showcase a beautiful porcelain bowl all by itself. If you like the minimal look, no need to over-decorate.

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    Contrast Centerpiece Decor Against the Table Material

    Dining room centerpiece ideas contrasting with table material

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    One way to elevate your design is to contrast your chosen decor against the dining table's material. In this example, the unique wooden bowl is a great complement to the solid marble table.

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    Match Decor With the Length of Your Table

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with decorative vases

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    Many decorators choose a single piece of decor for the middle of the dining table. However, there are plenty of alternatives outside of this norm. For a long, slender table, consider two or three decorative elements instead.

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    Combine Two Centerpiece Ideas

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with vase and bowl

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    Can't decide between a vase or a bowl for your centerpiece? Why not both? If you opt for this design choice, keep your floral arrangement and bowl contents simple, so as not to overwhelm the space.

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    Set the Table for Dinner

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with large vase and greenery

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    An excellent design option for formal dining rooms is to simply set the table. Chargers, dinner plates, cloth napkins, and anything else you like. That gorgeous dinnerware deserves to be put on display.

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    Get a Little Glamorous

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with ritzy décor

    Alvin Wayne

    A dining table centerpiece is like an elaborate hat: striking, stunning, and bold. Don't be afraid to choose something glitzy and glamorous to complete your dining room design.

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    Stage a Tray of Trinkets

    Dining room centerpiece ideas with tray of trinkets

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    For those who prefer a more eclectic style, your dining table can be the perfect platform to unleash your creativity. Consider "plating" your assortment of trinkets in a decorative tray for a more polished centerpiece.

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    Choose a Slim Vase

    Dining room table centerpiece with narrow vase

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    If you've ever had a centerpiece block your view of a guest, instead of choosing a bulky floral arrangement, select a slender vase with some simple leaves.

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    Add Some Vintage Books

    Dining room table centerpiece with vintage books

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    Vintage books are excellent design additions for anything from built-in shelving to dining room tables. Consider using them to anchor a modern vase and refine your chosen centerpiece.

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    Aim for a Lived-in Look

    Dining room centerpiece with a lived in look

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Not every home has a formal dining room, and not every homeowner likes a formal dining table centerpiece. Consider a more "lived-in" look. In this example, a cute houseplant, some cozy candles, and an open book combine to create an inviting space.

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    Choose a Plant Instead of a Bouquet

    Dining room table centerpiece with plant

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    Fresh-cut flowers are stunning, of course, but they're also temporary. If you'd like a centerpiece that will last longer than a week or two, select a houseplant for your table instead.

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    Keep Your Centerpiece Petite

    Dining room table centerpiece with petite vase

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    For some, an elaborate, overstated arrangement will feel like the perfect topper for your dining room table. If that's not your style, however, consider a petite centerpiece, no matter your table's size.

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    Use Practical Pieces as Decor

    Dining room table centerpiece with layered décor

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    For a casual kitchen table or a smaller home, a massive vase will only overwhelm your space. Instead, opt for a more practical design choice. Use items like porcelain kettles and cutting boards to create your own unique centerpiece.

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    Add a Diffuser to the Mix

    Dining room table centerpiece with collection of décor

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Alongside other assorted items in your centerpiece, incorporate a simple diffuser. Not only will this improve your design, it will also add an appealing aroma to the room.

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    Arrange a Bouquet of Dried Flowers

    Dining room table centerpiece with dried bouquet

    @ann.living / Instagram

    Another alternative to fresh-cut flowers for your dining table centerpiece is a gorgeous dried bouquet. The glossy, metallic finish on this display takes the whole design up a notch.

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    Showcase an Empty Vase

    Dining room table centerpiece with empty vase

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    Just like the empty porcelain bowl, you can opt for an empty vase as your centerpiece as well. This is a great option for those who enjoy a more modern, upscale dining room design.

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    Start With a Table Runner

    Dining room table centerpiece ideas with table runner

    @leafandlolo / Instagram

    If a single centerpiece doesn't feel like enough in your dining room, try anchoring the design with a table runner. This tip can work on a casual kitchen table or in a formal dining room.

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    Stack Bowls and Plates

    Dining room centerpiece with plates and bowls

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Some centerpieces feature an assortment of items displayed side-by-side, but you can also decorate vertically. This farmhouse-style look uses stacked plates and bowls topped with greenery to create a simple, yet stunning centerpiece.

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    Start With a Placemat as Your Base

    Dining room table centerpiece with placemat

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Table runners are a great option for those who want more than a single decorative element on their dining table. However, if you have a round table, try a placement instead.

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    Decorate With Assorted Fruits

    Dining room table centerpiece with a range of options

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    Those with busy households will love this tip, because it's both attractive and so practical. Pair your centerpiece with bowls of fruit for family members to grab on the go.

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    Use a Coffee Table Tray

    Dining room table centerpiece ideas

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Coffee table trays are common decorative elements in living rooms, but they can also work well in the dining room. Use a pretty tray to add some contrast and visual interest to your centerpiece display.

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    Create Contrast With Texture

    Dining room table centerpiece with short vase

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    If your dining room feels a little too formal, soften the design with texture. This light and simple bouquet creates some balance when paired with the heavy, dark furniture.

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    Incorporate a Pop of Color

    Dining room table centerpiece with pop of color

    @milkandhoneylife / Instagram

    Neutral tones and natural materials are especially popular in interior design, but if your dining room feels a little too boring, use your centerpiece to add a pop of color and liven up the space.

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    Create a Display of Mini Bouquets

    Dining room table centerpiece with mini bouquets

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Your centerpiece can be one focal point or a combination of many decorative elements working together. If the latter is more appealing to you, create a collection of mini bouquets as the topper for your table.

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    Replace Flowers With Feathers

    Dining room table centerpiece with plumes and feathers

    @modernly_you / Instagram

    We've touched on houseplants and dried bouquets as alternatives to fresh flowers, but another playful option is feathers. These fluffy plumes can also add texture as a contrasting element against the hard surface of your table.

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    Play With Symmetry

    Dining room table centerpiece in off-center display

    Rikki Snyder

    Balance can be achieved using a truly centered centerpiece, but this isn't the only way to decorate. For instance, this particular dining table features an off-centered vase with other items, which mimic the asymmetrical light fixture above.

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    Decorate With Assorted Glassware

    Dining room table centerpiece with assorted glassware

    Rikki Snyder

    Choosing contrasting textures and colors can help you find the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table. If feathers and flowers feel too bold, assorted glassware is a sleek and timeless alternative.

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    Decorate in Groups of Threes

    Dining room table centerpiece

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    When it comes to decorating, a simple tip many stylists utilize is to arrange your items in groups of three. This design tip applies to much more than centerpieces, so feel free to try it throughout your home.