35 Dining Table Decor Ideas That Aren't Just for Occasions

candles on table

Studio Peake

While it's always enjoyable to craft the perfect holiday or birthday tablescape, there are plenty of ways to keep your dining table looking beautiful on a day-to-day basis, too. We're sharing 35 ideas for everyday dining table decor, and many of these are extremely affordable. Why not make every meal feel like a special occasion?

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    Bring in Fresh Flowers

    purple hydrangeas in vases

    Victoria Bell Design

    Fresh flowers instantly brighten up any area of the home and your dining table is no exception. Whether you can trim clippings from your own backyard garden or make a ritual out of visiting the farmer's market every weekend, you'll thank yourself later when you can enjoy beautiful blooms every time you sit down to eat.

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    Scatter Some Candlesticks

    candles on table

    Studio Peake

    Candles add instant ambiance to any dining table and elevate the every day. If you don't have a collection of candle holders already,go to the thrift store. You'll stumble upon many beautiful styles that can be grouped together to create a stunning display.

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    Group Together Vases

    cluster of vases on table

    Louis Duncan-He

    Collect small vases? Give them the VIP treatment by displaying them all together on the dining table. Even when they're not filled with flowers or branches, they still make an artful statement.

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    Mix and Match Decorative Items

    ceramic bowls on table

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Who says you have to pick just one object to feature on your dining table? If you love candles, vases, ceramic dishes, and more, create a little vignette using several of your favorite finds.

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    Try a DIY Project

    floral and candle display

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    You can also try your hand at DIYing your own centerpiece. Grab some taper candles and flowers and create a one-of-a-kind display for all to admire.

    Quick Tip

    This is a prime example of shopping your own backyard! Clip some flowers from your garden to get this look.

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    Place Fruit in a Nice Bowl

    ceramic bowl with fruit

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    There's no reason your dining table decor can't also be practical. Fresh fruits and vegetables add color and texture to any table—corral some of yours in a nice bowl or basket for storage that doubles as art.

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    Get Funky

    sculptural candles on table

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If traditional candle holders don't speak to your decor style, go ahead and get funky with some curved pieces. These add a welcome eclectic touch to the dining table.

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    Decant When Possible

    brass salt and pepper shaker

    Erin Williamson Design

    Decant your salt and pepper into timeless brass holders that will add flair to your dining table. No more staring at that boring grocery store packaging!

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    Make It Mini

    mini vases on table

    Erin Williamson Design

    Who doesn't love miniatures? Set out some tiny vases alongside a larger one to add some extra charm to an otherwise simple setup.

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    Choose Chic Candles

    tall candles and vase

    Gray Space Interiors

    We see a lot of taper candles displayed on dining tables, but pillar candles look excellent, too. Choose candles in a color that will really pop—in this dining space, black complements the sideboard and dining chairs perfectly.

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    Bring Some Nature Indoors

    bowl of moss on table

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A bowl of moss helps to bring the outdoors inside but requires very little maintenance. It also adds textural intrigue and color to any table.

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    Showcase a Fave Plant

    potted plant on dining table

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Plant lovers, we know you can't get enough of scattering green friends all throughout the house. Place a favorite plant (a pothos, perhaps?) in a table-sized pot and enjoy watching it grow over time.

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    Try a Tablecloth

    tablecloth and candles and plant

    House Nine

    We don't see tablecloths used as often these days but don't underestimate how much of an impact they can make. This checkered tablecloth is delightfully classic and warms up this minimalistic dining space.

    Quick Tip

    Vintage linens can be quite beautiful. Take a look in the linen section the next time you visit a thrift store or flea market and see what types of pieces you can find and repurpose in your home.

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    Grab Your Green Friends

    succulents on table

    Arbor & Co

    The more plants, the merrier! Cluster some smaller green friends or succulents together on the dining table and you have an instant centerpiece.

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    Lay Out a Table Runner

    table runner and bowl

    Designing Vibes

    If you don't wish to cover up your dining surface with a tablecloth but are looking for a simple way to jazz up the table, try a runner. You can even DIY your own if you have extra fabric on hand from a sewing or reupholstery project.

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    Sew Together Placemats

    burlap runner with candles

    Aratari at Home

    You can also position placemats in the center of the dining table to create a makeshift runner—or sew a bunch together to make something more permanent.

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    Shop Your Own Yard

    driftwood with succulents

    Jessica Brigham

    This piece of driftwood complements the earthy, plant-inspired decor in this dining space. Sometimes, the best accessories can be sourced outdoors.

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    Get Earthy

    natural elements on dining table

    Design: Joshua Smith / Photo: Lance Gerber

    Stones and geodes also add intrigue to a dining room table. Combine them with other natural elements, like succulents or cacti, for an eye-catching, earthy mix.

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    Introduce Air Plants

    airplants on table

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: Life Created

    A bowl full of air plants adds color to this neutral dining room and is appropriate all year long.

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    Be a Bit Boho-inspired

    pampas grass on table

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: Life Created

    Love boho style? Bring some pampas grass into your dining room. It will add instant height and texture to the table.

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    Stay Modern

    empty vases on table

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: Life Created

    In this modern home, tall empty vases look sophisticated atop this round table surrounded by curved chairs.

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    Repurpose This Household Item

    dining table with lazy susan

    @sunfilled_home / Instagram

    Lazy Susans are more than just practical, they can be decorative, too. Use one as an alternative to your standard tray and fill it with accent pieces as well as go-to spices and seasonings.

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    Think Tall

    pedestal and beads

    @devon_grace_interiors / Instagram

    Fill a tall pedestal with decorative beads and place it in the center of your dining table for an artful yet simple centerpiece.

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    Go Farmhouse

    woven basket on dining table

    @smc.living / Instagram

    A woven basket is a great decorative piece to set out on a farmhouse-inspired table. Pair it with a checkered table runner and some ceramic vessels and you're golden.

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    Keep It Simple

    palm leaf in vase on dining table

    @mads_massaro / Instagram

    A single palm leaf in a vase makes a stylish yet laid-back statement on this dining table. Sometimes, less is truly more.

    Quick Tip

    There are many realistic-looking fake palm leaves on the market these days; you don't need to repurchase a live one every week to get this look.

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    Say Yay to Trays

    scalloped tray on table

    @aflickofpaint / Instagram

    A scalloped tray like this one is super cute and can easily be scooped up and cleared when food arrives on the table, making it a win-win.

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    Bust Out a Pedestal

    pedestal on dining table

    One Coast Design

    Add height to your table with trivets and pedestals. This way, everyone can still admire your decor as plates are being passed.

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    Try This Twist on a Vase

    julep glass as vase

    Shani Core Interiors

    Look inside your pantry and see what items you can repurpose as decor. Julep cups, for example, can double as vases when you entertain—there's no need to purchase something brand new.

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    Create a Unique Display

    mix of decor on dining table

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: Life Created

    Note that you don't need to set out pairs of items to create a special display; that singular candle holder can still shine among other objects.

    Quick Tip

    The next time you're at the thrift store and spot a singular candle stick that speaks to you, grab it and use it to form a vignette like the one shown here.

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    Invest in a Vessel

    ceramic bowl on dining table

    Joshua Smith Interiors

    A vessel like this one can be repurposed season after season. Use it to house evergreens in the winter and then place gourds inside when fall arrives.

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    Take the Cake

    cake stand on dining table

    @domeklusi / Instagram

    Keep a cake stand on hand and fill it with your favorite sweet treats or simply use it as a decorative item—you can place candles and other small items on top. It's a win-win.

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    Make Flowers Last

    dried flowers on table

    @thistle_house / Instagram

    A dried flower arrangement like this one requires zero maintenance while still making your dining table look beautiful. Choose an assortment of colors that complement your decor and furniture, whether that means opting for something neutral or bold.

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    Give Your Wreath New Life

    wreath around candles on table

    @interior_by_maria / Instagram

    Wreaths aren't just for hanging on the front door. Place one around a cluster of candles so that it turns into a makeshift centerpiece.

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    Cast a Moody Glow

    outdoor lanterns

    @khwaahishen_ / Instagram

    Table lanterns can add a moody glow to indoor setups, too. Display a couple on your dining table and dim those harsh overhead lights.

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    Put Your Pinkies Up

    teapot on dining table

    @herheim_design / Instagram

    Teatime, anyone? Keeping a teapot and some cups on your dining table will add some country charm to your home even if you actually use them for coffee!.