Easy Magic Tricks for the Dinner Table

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    Butter Knife Through Napkin

    Do you ever find yourself at the dinner table and in need of some easy magic tricks to perform? In this collection of step by step instructions, you'll learn some easy magic tricks that you can perform with whatever you have around the table. No need to have a deck of cards on you or some exotic magic prop. Just check what's in front of you and it can be "magic." 

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    Dinner Magic

    So what constitutes magic for the dinner table? To start, the props have to involve items that you have around the table as you're dining or eating. Look around, you can probably find all forms of cutlery: forks, knives and spoons and such, and something else that often comes into play for dinner magic is a napkin. 

    Among my favorites is magic with cutlery. For this, you'll find two easy tricks in this collection: 1) passing a knife through a napkin and 2) bending a spoon. In the first trick, which is completely impromptu, you seemingly cause a knife to pass through a napkin. In the second trick, which is also impromptu, you seemingly cause a spoon to bend, but the cool part is, you won't anger your hosts as it's simply an illusion. The spoon was never really bent. 

    So read up. And the next time you're sitting at a dinner table and being asked to perform a trick, you'll have something that will baffle and entertain your friends and family. 

    "Butter Knife Through Napkin" is a trick that you can do after dinner with just a napkin and a butter knife.

    You drape a napkin over your hand and a butter knife appears to pass right through the napkin. It's an impromptu effect that requires no gimmicks. You can perform this one with a pencil or pen, but it's traditionally performed with a butter knife.

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    The Spoon Bend

    "The Spoon Bend" is a classic trick that every smart aleck needs to know. You grab any spoon, press down on it with your hands and appear to bend the spoon. As your stunned spectators register what you just did (the gall of you!), you lift up the spoon and show that it is unbent, just as you found it.

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    The Impassable Corks

    In the "Impassable Corks," you hold two wine corks that are seemingly interlocked, and somehow pull the corks through each other. It's a fast, visual trick that you can also perform with rolled dollar bills and other objects of roughly the same size as wine corks.

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    Coin Through Table

    In "Coin Through Table," you cause a coin to somehow pass through the top of a table. For a great routine, follow this one with the coin vanish.

    You'll also need to learn a move that we teach in another lesson.

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    The Coin Vanish

    This coin vanish is a great trick to do after coin through the table. Just substitute a cloth napkin from the table for the handkerchief.

    In this easy trick, a coin is placed into a handkerchief where it mysteriously disappears. You can perform this one just about anytime, anywhere. All you need is a quarter and a handkerchief, and that special secret. For the secret, turn to the next pages.

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    Cups Up - Bar Bet

    "Cups Up" is a classic challenge that's more "sucker trick" than magic. It's a "do as I do," but because of the setup, your volunteer will fail at recreating your results.

    Using three cups, you perform three simple moves that leave all three cups with their mouths up. But each time a spectator tries to do this, the cups end-up mouth down.

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    The Vanishing Toothpick

    "The Vanishing Toothpick" offers an easy way to quickly vanish a toothpick in your hands. The second of two methods that I teach here on the site.