Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids of All Ages

Dinosaurs are such a classic, iconic toy. With the popularity of animated television shows for kids like Dinosaur Train and the release of live-action and animated classic movies such as J and The Good Dinosaur, young kids continue to love to play and imagine using dinosaurs. This list includes some of the best dinosaur toys for kids, and features puppets, realistic replicas, action figures, pet dinosaurs and even a dinosaur toy storage set.

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    Zoomer Dino

    Zoomer Dino Boomer

     Zoomer Dino allows kids to be in control of taming their own dino pet using either their hands or a controller. Zoomed Dino is friendly, playful and interactive, responding to children's commands and even demonstrating his unique personality to burp, fart, be angry, silly, chomp or roar.

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    Playskool Jurassic World Dinosaurs
    Hasbro / Amazon

    These large, realistic prehistoric action figures are great for kids in preschool who enjoy imaginative play. Many of the dinosaurs include raptors, T-rexes, and pterodactyls who can roar, chomp and stomp. 


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    VTech Switch and Go Dinosaur
    VTech /

    Switch and Go Dinosaurs are hybrid dinosaurs that can turn from dinosaurs into cars. There are LCD screens that allows kids to customize either their driver or the dinosaur's eyes. Other buttons activate sound effects and phrases about dinosaurs. 

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    LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex
    LEGO / Amazon

    Given the small bricks and more challenging construction directions, LEGO's are recommended for kids ages 6 and up. There are several different DINO sets available with varying price points that feature key scenes from the Jurassic World movie.

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    Lego Dimensions Jurassic World
    LEGO / Amazon

     Video game fans who love LEGO may also enjoy using their WiiU or other gaming console to play LEGO Dimensions. They will first need a starter pack to play, but may enjoy enhancing their game play by launching these Jurassic World characters into the game from the Toy Pad. 

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    Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Dinosaur

    Imaginext toys are recommended for kids ages 3-6. These action figures have larger feet and larger accessories, making them easier for younger children to manipulate. There are several different dinosaurs available to be purchased in the dinosaur line, including the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex dinosaur that can walk, stomp, launch missiles and stands at 3 feet tall.

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    Miposaur. Wowee

    Using the swipe of a hand or a smartphone, kids can control their Miposaur to play ball and other games. Miposaur can dance, go for a walk, beat box and enjoy a snack.


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    Dinosaur Velociraptor Claws
    Amazon / Hasbro

    With velociraptor claws kids can transform into their favorite scary savage dinosaur. Kids will love pretending to be dinosaurs, as well as creating and destroying cities of blocks.

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    Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chomping Head
    Amazon / Hasbro

    Whether kids want a nice dinosaur or a mean dinosaur, they can use their imagination to be the voice of this chomping velociraptor!

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    Laser Pegs Dinosaur
    Laser Pegs / Amazon

    This unique Laser Pegs set allows kids to not only build a dinosaur from construction bricks, but the instructions include information to build 24 different dinosaurs in 1 kit.

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    TOMY Galloping Butch The Good Dinosaur

    Fans of Disney's The Good Dinosaur movie may enjoy any number of action figures, like Galloping Butch who has the ability to run and roar with the push of a button. Kids may enjoy other action figures feating Thunderclap, Arlo, Will, Ramsey and Spot.

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    Safari Ltd. dinosaur replicas
    ©Safari Ltd.

    These are great dinosaur replicas that come in a variety of sizes and price points to match different dinosaur species. They are amazingly realistic, perfect for pretend play, and a safe, high quality toy that can be passed on from generation to generation. Dinosaur replicas can be bought separately or in large sets.

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    Neat-Oh! Dinosaur zip bin

    This dinosaur storage bin unzips to form a playmat. Not only does it nicely store loose dinosaurs, but it allows them to be easily transported to another room or to another location all in 1 self-contained unit. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this set also comes with 2 dinosaurs.

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    Magformers Dinosaur
    Magformers / Amazon

    Many children love magnetic building toys. This Magformers set allows kids to use harness the magic of magnets to create their own dinosaurs.

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    Zoomer Chomplingz
    Spinmaster / Amazon

    Like the idea of a dino pet who can play games like fetch who will also  guard a room from siblings or parents chomping at anyone who tries to get in his way? Zoomer Chomplingz are the smaller, less expensive cousin of Zoomer Dino. 

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    Jurassic World Hero Mashers
    Hasbro / Amazon

    Using fine motor skills, kids build a dinosaur, then when additional dinosaurs are purchased, children have the opportunity to use their imagination to mix and match pieces to create their own species of dinosaurs.

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    Stuffies Dinosaur
    Amazon / Stuffies

    For kids who'd like a soft, squishy dinosaur to sleep with that can also hide their most private possessions in one of 7 different pockets, they might love their own Stuffies Dinosaur. Stuffies are also available in many different animals.

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    WOW Toys Jurassic Jimmy

    Jurassic Jimmy the caveman drives his jeep that pulls around a trailer with a dinosaur egg. The egg opens and houses a dinosaur. The Dino Adventure set includes caveman Jimmy and 2 dinosaurs and is recommended for kids ages 18 months and up.

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    cognitioys, smart toy, e-connected toy
    Elemental Path

    Meet the smartest dinosaur you've ever met. For kids who enjoying having a conversation with a desire to learn information, powered by BM's Cognitive Computing Engine Watson, the Cognitoys dinosaur is able to answer a chid's burning questions through a meaningful conversation. 

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    Folkmanis puppet Tyrannosaurs Rex

    Folkmanis has several different soft but realistic dinosaur hand puppets that children can use for pretend play at home and at school.