Vegetables Suitable for Seed Sowing in Your Garden in June

A Regional Guide

Freshly harvested green beans
Noah Clayton/ Photolibrary/ Getty Images

A big part of growing a successful edible garden is getting the timing right. Planting the right things at the right time helps you make optimum use of your space. With that in mind, here is a region-by-region list of which edibles you can direct sow by seed in your garden in June. Soil temperatures are critical to seed germination, so this guide takes into account when average soil temperatures are appropriate for each vegetable in your region.

If seeds are planted in soil that is too cool, you'll likely waste them. 

Growing vegetables by seed is far less expensive than buying potted transplants, so take advantage wherever it is possible and practical. But remember that vegetables that take a like time to mature and produce fruit will likely not be ready for harvest until quite late in the season if you live in a cool-season climate. In these regions, you may want to consider planting transplants that you either purchased or started earlier indoors. 

As you'll note in the lists below, there are many more plants listed for June planting in cooler regions than in warmer regions. This is because warmer regions see soil temperatures suitable for planting much earlier in the season than in cooler regions. Just because a vegetable is not on a warmer region list doesn't mean it can't be planted at all—it may just mean it's best suited for planting earlier than June.


What to Plant in the Pacific Northwest in June

In the Pacific Northwest, you can plant:

What to Plant in the North Central U.S. in June

In the North Central U.S. (and the Rocky Mountains), you can plant:

What to Plant in the Central U.S. and Midwest in June

In the central U.S. and Midwest, this is the time to plant:

What to Plant in New England in June

In New England, you can plant:

What to Plant in the Mid-Atlantic states in June

In the Mid-Atlantic states, the time is right for:

What to Plant in the South in June

In the South and along the Gulf Coast, you can direct sow:

What to Plant in the Southwest in June

In the Southwest, direct sow:

What to Plant in Hawaii in June

In beautiful Hawaii, direct sow:

What to Plant in Alaska in June

And, last but not least, in Alaska direct sow: