Discontinued: Method's Omop Review

Unfortunately, Method's Omop has been discontinued at this time and is no longer available to purchase.  Their mopping solutions are still available as Squirt and Mop bottles with some of the same scents but will need a separate flat mop or another type of mop to work with them.

The Bottom Line

The ​Omop is designed to combine the best of the disposable mopping systems with earth friendly features that make it a great option for any home. With two different formulas, the ​Omop can clean both your wood and tile, laminate, vinyl flooring. I love the mopping solutions that are a treat for the senses, really clean the floors, and leaves zero residue on your floors. This mopping system is fantastic and a great addition to any home.

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  • The ergonomic design makes mopping less of a chore.
  • The mopping solution is wonderfully easy to use, refreshing and leaves no residue.
  • The reusable, washable microfiber mopping pads are fantastic and leave the floor clean.
  • Includes compostable sweeper cloths.


  • The connection between the mop head and the mopping handle is plastic and more easily broken.


  • An Omop starter kit contains 1 Omop, 1 washable microfiber mop pad, 3 compostable sweeping cloths, 14 fl oz cleaner.
  • An Omop starter kit retails for $30. A refill of cleaning solution or an extra mopping pad can be purchased for $6 each.
  • Omop starter kits can be found at Target, Office Depot, Lowe's, some grocery chains, and online.

Guide Review - Omop

The Method Omop is a wonderful tool that allows you to have most of the convenience and all of the effectiveness of disposable mopping systems while still helping the environment by disposing of less. The Omop systems include microfiber mopping pads that are washable. It also includes a bottle of mopping solution that is specially designed for either wood or all surface floors. The almond-scented wood floor cleaner and the lemon ginger scented all surface cleaners leave no residue on the floor and still manage to get them really clean.

I loved using and reusing the Omop. The mopping pads work well and wash up nicely. The kits also include compostable sweeper cloths that can be reused a few times before being thrown away. The sweeper cloths work well at holding dust and hair.

My favorite part of the cleaning system is the lemon ginger all surface cleaner. Squirting a few drizzles onto my vinyl floors and mopping over them, left such a fresh and invigorating scent throughout my home. When I stepped back on the floors, there was no hint of stickiness or residue. It was nice to walk on purpose on the floors just to feel the pure clean underneath my feet.

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