Discover an Essential Resource for Time-Starved Family Shoppers

Short on time and shopping for the family? Walmart+ is a serious game-changer.

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Anyone who does the shopping for their family knows that it’s never as simple as a weekly trip to the store. You can make a meticulous shopping list, quizzing everyone on what they want and need, checking the pantry and storage areas to see if you’re running low on paper towels, laundry detergent or some other essential, only to return home and realize someone needs new toothpaste or doesn’t like the flavor of chips you chose. 

This kind of back-and-forth to the store is a routine frustration for family shoppers, one that takes up time that we don’t really have to spare, but it’s so common that most of us have grown used to it. That’s what makes Walmart+ such a revelation. Instead of driving to the store, you can spend a couple minutes on your phone or computer and have whatever you need brought to your door, making the one-stop-shop for all your household needs more convenient than ever. 

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An annual membership for Walmart+ comes in at under $100 for the entire year, but even so, we wanted to take a closer look to see if this added convenience is worth the price tag. We started by estimating how much time it would save if Walmart+ eliminated three trips to the store per week—most family shoppers will recognize that’s a low estimate. To our surprise, it adds up to about one and a half hours every week*.
*Savings based on 2 store trips per week.  Excludes time spent shopping online.

That’s time you’ll get to enjoy at home with your family instead of shopping. It’s hard to put a price tag on quality time like that, but if we did it would be a lot higher than the $12.95 a month it costs to join Walmart+. And really, the cost is much less than that because the program includes some incredible opportunities to save money. 

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Let’s start with what you’re not paying for. Once you’re a Walmart+ member, you won’t be charged the $7.95 delivery fee for non-members. If you’re getting deliveries twice a week, that’s going to save you more than $800 for the year. Of course, you probably wouldn’t be getting so many deliveries if you were paying for it each time, which is exactly why there’s so much to love about Walmart+. It allows you to be more spontaneous with your online shopping, since ordering an item is pretty much as easy as writing it down on your list. Groceries & more delivered as soon as today with a $35 order minimum*.
*Restrictions apply. Check availability in your area at signup.

Not all the savings, however, are theoretical. Walmart+ members also get 5 cents off every gallon of gas they buy from Walmart and Murphy stations, in addition to earning member pricing at Sam’s Club stations. So you’ll not only be using less gas since you’ll be making fewer trips to the store—you’ll be paying less for what you do use. Depending on how much you drive, the savings on gas alone could cover the cost of your Walmart+ membership. 

Between the time and money you’ll save, joining Walmart+ is a no-brainer. But for those of us so accustomed to shopping in person for the family, it can feel strange to hand off some of that responsibility to a stranger, especially when it comes to judgement calls like selecting fresh produce. Luckily, high quality groceries are picked from your local store right before delivery, keeping the freshness.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you’d prefer to spend all those hours hanging out with your family or shopping for them. It didn’t take us long to make our choice. You can follow our lead and sign up here.