Disney Frozen Dolls

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    Frozen Singalong

    During the Celebrity Singalong for Disney's Frozen, TV star Angela Griffin attended, along with her lucky child guests. The girls are clutching their Frozen dolls, Elsa and Olaf the Snowman. These British children reflect the mania that swept across the world with this very popular movie blockbuster. Doll manufacturers have crafted a flurry of snow queens inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen classic tale! (Photo courtesy of Getty Images, David M. Benett)

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    Singing Elsa Doll

    Courtesy of Mattel

    Mattel is making sure the blustery months of October and November are warmed up with their brand-new Singing Elsa Doll. Created for the Frozen fan who can't let go of "Let It Go," the doll breaks out into her personal anthem with the press of a button. Priced at under $25, it is a great present for the winter holiday season. 

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    Singing Anna Doll

    Courtesy of Mattel

    Joining her sister, Elsa, in Mattel's fall 2015 releases, the Singing Anna Doll belts out "For the First Time In Forever," allowing you and your kids to groove with your best karaoke voices. The Anna doll is dressed in her Coronation Day outfit. Like her singing sibling doll, Anna is also attractively priced at under $25. Both dolls are able to be gifted to children as young as 3 years old, and as old as 103, of course!

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    Frozen Elsa Ice Palace

    Courtesy of Mattel

    Barbie may have had a dreamhouse, but Elsa has an ice palace! From Mattel, the folks who brought us Barbie and invented the fashion doll world, comes this new palatial dreamhouse for fall 2015. The ice palace lights up and allows children aged 3 and up to rediscover the adventure, the music, and the fun from the Frozen film. Priced at about $129, Elsa's Ice Palace contains a throne, vanity, bed, and other details that mirror the movie's magical allure.

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    Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Olaf the Snowman is a fan favorite character. He's a hit with both boys and girls due to his optimistic nature. Let's face it: Olaf has a sunny disposition despite being made from a blizzard of snow and a pinch of magic. Mattel has an avalanche of Olaf choices available, and their transforming one is an absolute blast. Priced at around $15, the snowman's face can change with the press of his head's twigs. When his head and his arms are removed, your little snow builder can...MORE reconstruct him. It's just like the funny and frantic scene in the flick!

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    Madame Alexander Anna Doll

     Madame Alexander invites children aged 3 and up to reenact their favorite Frozen scenes with these easy-to-handle 18-inch dolls. Anna and Elsa are both available in these large-scale, large-body sizes. Their costumes replicate the wardrobe from the beloved film, so children will be able to immediately pick up the dolls and go to town with their pretending. Also, the dolls are made of sturdy vinyl, so no need to worry about breakage or fracturing. As always, Alexander has done an applause-worthy...MORE job of garbing and styling the dolls in meticulous Disney fashion.

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    Madame Alexander Elsa and Anna Dolls

    For the teen collector and Disney fan in your family, there are the lovely Frozen dolls from Alexander's Disney Showcase collection. Created as a keepsake, these renderings are meant for 14-year-old aficionados and older. Measuring 10 inches tall, these Cissette dolls are coiffed, clothed, and created to look just like the snowy queen and her loyal, outgoing sister. Priced at around $249, these dolls are ideal for the teen Disney diva in your life.