The Best New Disney Frozen Toys

Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll
Jakks pacific / Amazon

Here are the best Disney Frozen toys featuring Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff and Olaf the happy snowman.

Years after the release of Disney Frozen, many kids still have an intense love affair with this movie, requesting dolls, toys and games. Many would argue that this movie and these characters, especially Olaf the Snowman, are equally loved by both girls and boys. The characters combined with the amazing music will enchant children and their families everywhere for years to come.

It is no...MORE wonder that Frozen won the Academy Award for Best Animated movie, and the song Let It Go! won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The movie has a great theme, reinforcing that true love does not always begin after meeting a life partner, but that it starts right with one's own family.

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    Disney Frozen Ice Castle Mattel
    Mattel / Amazon

    Though this playset is quite expensive, it includes many Frozen themed play items. The original Frozen castle was a huge success but this castle has different features that include a magical light show and a spiraling icicle chandelier. Dolls are not included with the purchase of this playset. 

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    Disney Princess Frozen Little Kingdom Sets

    Little Kingdom sets are Disney themed play sets that include 2.5 inch collectible characters. The dolls can be decorated with snap-on accessories.There are Frozen sets, as well as figures and playsets featuring other Disney Princesses, too.

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    Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    This beautiful Elsa doll's dress includes the sparkling northern lights. Children can wave their hand over the snowflake to activate colors, lights and sounds on Elsa's dress. 

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    Do You Want To Build A Snowman Jewelry Box
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    Little girls love to dress up and wear jewelry, so it is important that they have a jewelry box to store their keepsakes. The 3 Frozen characters on the jewelry box dance to the music. The jewelry box arrives with a ring for a child to wear.

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    LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle
    LEGO / Amazon

    Many kids love to build and use construction toys like LEGO's. With Disney themed sets, it is possible for children to build, brick by brick, their very own version of Elsa's ice castle. 

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    Disney Frozen Anna Doll and Elsa Doll
    Jakks Pacific

    These Princess Anna and Princess Elsa dolls are perfect for younger toddler girls who enjoy playing with larger baby dolls. Dolls can be purchased individually or together. Other Disney Princesses are available.

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    Jakks Pacific

    For young girls who love to play dress-up, a themed Princess Anna dress includes a bodice with glittery flowers. The dress does not include any zippers or buttons so young children can successfully get the dresses on and off without help of a parent.

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    Jakks Pacific

    Whether your child's favorite character is Elsa or Anna or both, Elsa's unique role play costume includes a multi-layer skirt with glittery snowflakes. Similar to Anna's dress, it does not include any zippers or buttons which is easy for young children to manage on their own.

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    Wonder Forge

    For families who enjoy more traditional family games, Matching from Wonder Forge is a classic memory game. The illustrations on the cards are beautiful, include multiple versions of each character and also depict key scenes from the movie.

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    Disney Frozen Elsas Magical Snow Wand
    Jakks Pacific

    This snow globe wand plays a music box rendition of the beginning part of the song Let it Go. It is rather heavy, but certainly enchanting for children as they watch snow swirl around Elsa inside the globe.

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    Frozen Olaf Sno Cone Maker
    Jakks Pacific

    80's retro toy and Frozen fans will be very excited to make their own snow cones. Parents will not be able to resist a lick either, as they remember making their own snow cones with their Snoopy Snow Cone machine!

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    Elsas Magical Gloves

    In the movie, Princess Elsa possess a secret power, where everything she touches with bare hands, transforms into ice or snow. These motion activated gloves make twinkling ice sounds.  When a button on the glove is pushed, it plays Let it Go!

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    Disney Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity
    Amazon / Jakks Pacific

    Little girls love to emulate princesses and that includes wearing makeup, or styling their Anna or Elsa wig. The vanity set comes with a comb, necklace and barrette, but also plays the song, For the First Time in Forever.

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    Frozen Sing-Along Elsa
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    There are dozens of Elsa dolls available, but there aren't any that allow kids to sing Let It Go into a microphone, while singing along to the feature length version of the song from the movie. Elsa's dress and necklace have twinkling lights. The doll sings in both English and Spanish and kids can be encouraged to share the microphone back and forth, while singing a duet with Elsa.

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    Jakks Pacific

    This talking Elsa doll speaks 15 sounds and phrases from the movie, including the ability to sing, Let it Go! Elsa has a sparkling dress that shines and lights up.

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    Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa Musical Bicycle

    For kids who like fashion doll play, the Anna and Elsa dolls are able to ride together on their musical bicycle, while Olaf rides in the front basket.