Disney Playmation Avengers Toys

Disney Playmation

For kids who like to pretend to be their favorite Avengers characters, other then just putting on a dress-up costume, have you heard of Playmation? 

According to Disney, “At Avengers laboratories Tony Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner developed gear that let children join Earth’s mightiest heroes in a battle against Ultron’s armies.” 

Playmation is a Disney toy that features Marvel's Avengers characters. Children can engage in virtual reality and role play, while putting on wearable tech toys.


Children a repulser toy on their wrists. Then using app-enabled play, they can engage in missions and battles in the real world, along with or against their favorite Marvel villains and heroes. 

The toy has motion sensing technology, so kids can blast into battle, like Iron Man, through 25 interactive missions. There are 3 different attack modes, where children will use their bodies to block, dodge, sneak, run and jump through "battlegrounds."

The Playmation experience will require the use of select Apple and Android supported phones. With their parent's approval, additional missions can be downloaded through an Avengersnet app. Within the app, kids track their battle statistics, check in with villains and download more gaming content. Children can play by themselves in single player mode, or against other players and recruits in a multiplayer mode.

First, the child will need to have a starter pack.

The starter pack includes: 

  • Repulsor Gear
  • Power Activators (2)
  • Captain American Smart Figure
  • Iron Skull Smart Figure

Power Activators, which are included in the starter pack, will impact the role play gaming experience. These portals will allow players to bring allies into their gameplay, but they can also serve as a way to spawn enemy villains into battle.

In addition, Smart Figures enhance the gameplay as well. 2 figures, Captain America and Iron Skull, are include in the original purchase, but there are others available separately. Planned characters for release include enemy Villains M.O.D.O.K., Ultron, and Ultron Bot, and and Allies Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk, Thor, Marvel’s Falcon, Hulkbus, and War Machine.

For those who are familiar with the  Disney Infinity 2.0 Avengers video game, the Claymation experience is different. Disney Infinity requires the use of a video game system such as Xbox or Wii, while Playmation requires the use of a smartphone app.

Instead of sitting and playing a video game, with Playmation, children are working in conjunction with their favorite heroes and villains to star in their own mission experience in the real world.

It is possible to buy Playmation starter packs on Amazon. The game has also been available at major retailers including the Disney Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and GameStop.

While it is still possible buy Playmation on Amazon.com that are new and used, both Playmation and Disney Infinity toys have been discontinued and no new toys will be created.