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Little Girls Playing With Minnie Mouse Disney Toys
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With the release of movies like Star Wars,  Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Guardians of the Galaxy and Frozen and the continued popularity of television shows like Tangled Ever After, Dracularia, Elena of Avalor, PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Miles from Tomorrowland, Disney toys are always among the most sought after toys for birthday and holiday gifts. Of the many items featured, these are some of the most requested Disney toys your kids will be...MORE sure to love.

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    Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Cart
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    Fans of the classic Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast? This adorable tea party cart for 2 plays "Be Our Guest" while kids can plan and serve a special tea party with Mrs. Potts and Chip.

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    PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
    Just Play

    Fans of the PJ Masks superheroes? There are many great PJ Masks toys, which include the Headquarters playset, as well as action figures, games, vehicles and even dress up costumes.

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    Tsum Tsum
    Jakks Pacific

    Kids love small toys in blind bags. Tsum Tsums are teeny tiny, squishable and stackable toys that are perfect for Disney fans to play with and collect.

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    Moana Toys and dolls
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    Moana is Disney's first Polynesian Princess! Moana dolls and playsets from the adored movie are definitely top toys for the holidays.

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    Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart
    Just Play

    The Doc McStuffins toys of the past have featured a mobile hospital cart, Doc McStuffins dolls and even a mobile pet vet clinic. Each year Doc McStuffins uses her loving, caring nature to toys, pets and babies.

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    LEGO Disney Castle

    There are so many LEGO Disney sets, it is impossible to choose just one. Whether it is the over the top Disney Castle or the LEGO Star Wars Death Star, there are dozens of Disney sets to choose from. Every new Disney movie and television show is featured in LEGO  construction toys.  Whether, it is for beginning preschoolers with LEGO DUPLO or advanced builders, there are sets of varying pieces and price ranges.

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    Elena of Avalor Singing Doll
    Disney / Hasbro

    Elena of Avalor is the first Disney Latina princess who appears in her own animated show on Disney Junior, Elena of Avalor. There are many Elena of Avalor dolls, toys and musical instruments.

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    Disney Tsum Tsum Mancala Game
    Wonder Forge

    This adorable family game is a fresh take on the classic mancala game. Pick up the adorable Tsum Tsum characters from one pot with one hand, place them in corresponding pot, one at a time around the board. Players can also strategize to collect pairs of Tsum Tusm toys for more points. There are many other Disney themed board games and matching games available, too.

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    Sofia the First Magical Dancing Sofia
    Just Play

    Sofia the First is a popular animated television show on Disney Junior. Sofia sings and dances in the show and has the ability to talk to animals with her magical amulet. Aside from Magical Dancing Sofia, there are many Sofia the First dolls, toys and games.

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    Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll
    Jakks pacific / Amazon

    Disney Frozen toys and games continue to fly off the shelves several years after the movie has been released. There are many Elsa dolls to choose from including the Frozen Northern Lights Elsa, which has a beautiful, sparkling dress that is activated when a child waves their hand over her magical snowflake.

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    Kid in Darth Vader Mask
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    With the release of the every new Star Wars movie, there are hundreds of new Star Wars toys. While it is difficult to suggest only one toy for this category, there are many options of Star Wars toys such as lightsabers, a flying Millenium Falcon, app-enabled droids, NERF blasters, role play toys, action figures, and games.

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    Cinderella Little Kingdom Hasbro

    Disney Princess figures and playsets feature modern and classic Disney princesses and are not only adorable, but portable to take on travel, too.

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    Disney Princess Cinderella Magical Wand
    Jakks Pacific

    Know children who adore Cinderella? There are many Cinderella toys, inspired by both the animated and live-action movies. Cinderella toys include dolls, LEGO sets, and beautiful role play dresses, tiaras and shoes. 

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    Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy
    Just Play / Amazon

    Kids love the Hot Diggity Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Young kids can dance and sing along with this adorable Mickey Mouse!

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    Big Figs StormTrooper by Jakks Pacific
    Jakks Pacific / Amazon

    Big Figs are awesome, large action figures perfect for Disney Star Wars fan! Big Figs action figures include Storm Troopers, Death Troopers, Rey, and BB8.

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    Sheriff Callie's Callie-Okie Sing Along Toy
    Just Play

    Sheriff Callie's Wild West is an animated television show on Disney Junior. There are many Sheriff Callie's Wild West toys and playsets to choose from.

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    Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere Spaceship Toy
    Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere Spaceship Toy. TOMY / Amazon

    Miles from Tomorrowland is a popular animated television show for kids on Disney Junior. Miles and his family race through space engaging in missions. There are lots of fun Miles from Tomorrowland toys, including the fan favorite Stellosphere.  

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    Disney Descendants Dolls
    Disney / HASBRO

    The Disney Descendants Dolls are 14-inch fashion dolls inspired by the made-for-television movie, Disney Descendants. These friends are the sons and daughters of famous Disney princes, princesses and villains. 

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    Nick Wilde Fox Talking Plush Tomy

    Are you and the family fans of Disney's Zootopia? Zootopia toys include talking plush that repeat funny sayings from the movie, as well as action figures and vehicles. 

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    Disney Pixar Inside Out Plush Toys TOMY

    The Inside Out movie has won over the hears of parents and children, with its humorous take on the emotions and voices in your head. Fans of the movie, will love fun, Inside Out movie toys that include soft, plush toys and figures.

How to Find Popular Toys

Some of these specific toys will only be available or exclusive to certain stores and retailers. If there is something of interest to your family, shop early and use some of these popular tips in order to help your shopping success.