Disney's Frozen Elsa Dolls

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    Disney's Frozen Elsa Dolls

    Elsa Dolls
    Keri Wilmot

    Years after the release of Disney's Frozenchildren everywhere are still pleading, begging and demanding Elsa dolls, and honestly, who can blame them? If a trip to the toy store for Frozen toys and Frozen games is unsuccessful, there are other specialty retailers and companies who have created beautifully designed Elsa dolls children will adore. Especially those of you without a budget, enjoy this list of beautiful Elsa dolls, and make sure to see the special edition  Elsa doll from Madame...MORE Alexander, adorned in Swarovski crystals that retails for $5,000. 

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    Madame Alexander Elsa Doll

    Madame Alexander

    This beautiful Elsa doll from Madame Alexander has characteristics very similar to the movie princess. Given Elsa's side-parted French braid and blue "sleep eyes" she is wearing an elegant, taffeta ice gown that includes iridescent, sheer and glittery details, while wearing shoes, white tights and a cape adorned with glitter snowflakes.

    18-inch dolls are highly sought after and extremely popular with young girls of elementary school age. For size reference, popular American Girl dolls ...MOREare also 18 inches tall.

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    Madame Alexander Limited Edition Elsa Doll

    21 Inch Limited Edition Madame Alexander Elsa Doll
    Madame Alexander

    This Madame Alexander Elsa doll is certainly not for those with a budget, but she is absolutely stunning, and couldn't be left out of this list. This 21-inch Madame Alexander Elsa Cissy™ doll, is a limited edition, made-to-order collectible doll. With a price tag of $5,000, this is an Elsa doll you most likely ever allow the children to actually play with. This doll has 5,000 beautifully hand-applied Swarovski crystals, platinum braided hair with small snowflakes, and will certainly be the...MORE center of attention and a stunning conversation piece.

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    Jakks Pacific Frozen Sing Along Elsa

    Jakks Pacific

    How many times have you and your children sung, "Let It Go" dancing around the living room, when watching the movie or driving in the car doing errands? While other singing dolls generally only play a few seconds of the song, which is frustrating for young children, the Frozen Sing Along Elsa sings the entire full length version of the song. This doll includes a microphone so children can sing along with Elsa. Frozen Sing Along Elsa is also a bilingual doll that states 15+ phrases in...MORE both English and Spanish. 



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    Jakks Pacific Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

    Frozen snow globe singing elsa
    Jakks Pacific

    The Snow Glow Elsa is the perfect toddler and preschool toy for children ages 2-5. Not only does this Elsa doll sing Idina Menzel's version of "Let It Go" from the movie, but Snow Glow Elsa can sing in 25 different languages, and says 15 sounds and phrases from the U.S. movie. In addition, with a touch of her magical snowflake necklace, children will love hearing Elsa sing while being mesmerized by her light-up dress. 

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    Madame Alexander 10 Inch Elsa Doll

    Madame Alexander

    This collectible 10-inch Elsa doll is an iconic Cissette™ fashion doll from Madame Alexander. Retailing for $249.95, this doll has blue eyes, a side-swept French braid, and is wearing a blue glitter knit outfit with rectangular rhinestones. This doll also arrives with a long, sheer cape with glitter snowflakes.

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    Frozen Fever Birthday Party Elsa

    Frozen Fever Birthday Party Elsa

    Frozen Fever is the animated short that was previewed prior to the start of the live-action version of Cinderella.  Elsa planned a magical birthday for her sister Anna, but ended up with a cold, sneezing teeny tiny little snowballs all over Arendelle. Mattel's Frozen Fever Birthday Party Elsa doll includes Elsa wearing a long green gown with a cape adorned in flowers. 

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    Mattel's Frozen Anna and Elsa with Bicycle

    Keri Wilmot

    For children who love to engage in role play, this set from Mattel includes fashion dolls, Anna and Elsa, as well as Olaf the snowman, and all 3 can ride together on a tandem bicycle. The bicycle plays the song, "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” 

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    Mattel Frozen Singing Elsa Doll

    Keri Wilmot

    This Elsa fashion doll, is similar to the size of a Barbie doll. When children press her magic snowflake button, they can sing along to "Let It Go.