Disney's Frozen-Themed Party Food Ideas

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Are you throwing a Disney’s Frozen-themed party? It's not just about the Frozen-themed gifts and party games. From an Olaf on the beach cake to snowflake cookies, these fun Frozen party foods may be just what you need to complete your party menu planning. 

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    Olaf on the Beach Cake

    Olaf birthday cake
    Christine Gauvreau

    Invite summertime to your Frozen-themed party with this birthday cake that features our good friend, Olaf, lounging on the sand under a beach umbrella. This easy to make the cake is a whimsical way to celebrate everyone’s favorite summer-obsessed snowman, Olaf, from the movie Frozen.

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    Olaf Noses

    Baby carrot sticks in white bowl
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    Take some mini powdered donuts and a bag of orange candy slices. Cut the orange slices into the shapes of noses and stick them into the centers of the donut holes. Now you have a platter full of Olaf Noses. More ideas for Olaf Noses include orange cheese curls and baby carrot sticks. 

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    ham sandwich
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    Anytime you’re planning to feed a large group of children and their parents; you really can’t go wrong with sandwiches. Mix and match the bread and fillings for a variety of finger sandwiches (this way there is something to please everyone) or go with a several-foot-long, hero-style sandwich that is made up of a popular collection of fillings.

    To work in the Frozen theme, it won’t really matter what kind of sandwiches you serve, but rather how you serve them–like on a platter with a sign that reads “It’s crazy, we finish each other’s sandwiches,” the song lyric from the popular soundtrack song, “Love is an Open Door.” 

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    Chocolate Fondue

    Chocolate fondue with marshmallow on table
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    Just like with the sandwiches, use a sign the sports the lyric, “Maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue” to tie the Frozen theme into a dessert of warm chocolate dip and a collection of tasty dippers. 

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    Blue Gelatin

    Frozen party blue jello
    Christine Gauvreau

    A Frozen party menu should probably consist of at least one (if not one among many) blue food. One of the simplest ways to bring a dash of blue to the dessert table is with clear cups of blue gelatin. A spoon in each cup is a convenient way to save serving time. You can even add snowflake embellishments to the tops of those spoons to enhance the display.  

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    Frozen-Themed Cupcakes

    Frozen cupcake tower
    Christine Gauvreau

    When entertaining a large crowd, it's good to make a batch or two of cupcakes to go along with the birthday cake, just to make sure there are enough sweets for everyone. Cupcakes for a Frozen party theme can be made of just about any cake flavor and then topped with white or blue frosting–or a combination of white and blue like the ones shown here with white frosting and blue sugar crystals. A snowflake cupcake topper completes the look.  

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    Build-a-Snowman Sundaes

    Fun homemade melting snowman cupcakes for kids
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    Do You Want to Build a Snowman (sundae)? These cute ice cream desserts are great for any snowman or winter-themed event, but they can be easily adapted to look like Olaf for a Frozen party, as can several of these snowman-themed party foods.  

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    Reindeer Cupcakes

    reindeer cupcakes
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    With all of this talk about Olaf, it would be a shame to forget about Sven, the lovable reindeer. These reindeer cupcakes and other reindeer party food ideas will help you bring a tribute to Kristoff’s antlered pal to your table.  

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    Marshmallow Skewers

    Marshmallow skewers on the plate
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    These marshmallow skewers make lovely party favors, but can also be served as a part of the dessert menu. At our party, we did an "In Summer" theme and used these to toast marshmallows and make s'mores

    To make them, all you need are skewers, marshmallows, long plastic treat bags (we used pretzel bags found at the craft store), ribbon, your favorite Frozen image, and a stapler. 

    Skewer five marshmallows on each skewer (leaving room on each end) and cover with the treat bag. Tie at the bottom with the ribbon and staple the image over the top end of the skewer.