Disney's Zootopia Toys Include Talking Nick, Judy and Gazelle Toys

If you are fans of the movie, here are some of the best Zootopia toys, including talking Judy, Nick and  Gazelle toys and stuffed animals.

Zootopia is the perfect place for animals, specifically mammals to live. Small town bunny Judy Hopps leaves Bunnyburrow to accept a job as the first female bunny police officer in Zootopia. She first ends up as a meter maid before unexpectedly joining up with Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox, who she works together with to solve a mysterious case. 

Zootopia was...MORE produced by the same creators of Frozen, Big Hero 6 and . Zootopia, is a Disney Animation movie that was released on March 4, 2016. In addition to the movie, there is a featured music soundtrack and lots of Zootopia toys for children to play with! 


  • Zootopia

    Zootopia Toys

    Snuggle at home and entertain your family members with Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Gazelle talking toys that are lovable stuffed animals. Recreate scenes from the movie with moveable action figures and fun vehicles that include police cruisers, convertibles and even a meter maid truck! 

  • Disney Tsum Tsum Gazelle Toy

    Tsum Tsum Gazelle Toy

    One of the most popular Zootopia characters is pop star, Gazelle. There are many Gazelle toys, including talking dolls and adorable Disney Tsum Tsum collectible Gazelle plush toys, too.

  • Nick Wilde Fox Talking Plush Tomy

    Zootopia Talking and Singing Plush

    Big fans of the funny sayings and jokes of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps? Want to sing along with Gazelle (the voice of Shakira), singing the theme song from the movie, Try Everything?

    Kids may love snuggling with these talking toys or try entertaining their friends and family members with the key phrases the characters say or sing in the movie. Your kids will love yelling out the answer's to Nick's silly jokes. Do you remember, "What do you call a three humped camel?"

  • Zootopia Judy's Police Cruiser TOMY

    Judy's Police Cruiser

    This is Judy and Nick's police cruiser that they use to chase down the pesky criminals of Zootopia, like Law-Breaking Mouse. When the toy moves, the red and blue lights will flash. I personally love seeing a female character from a movie that gets to drive her own super-cool vehicle.

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  • Zootopia Nick's Convertible TOMY

    Nick's Convertible

    What was Judy Hopps the police officer thinking by giving Nick Wilde a parking ticket? He will use his borrowed, red convertible to chase down that bunny and try and talk his way out of his ticket.  

  • Zootopia Meter Maid Pursuit

    Meter Maid Pursuit

    I'm pretty sure I haven't ever seen a meter maid toy and I love it. What an awesome vehicle to add to your child's collection of vehicles. One can only imagine what will happen in Zootopia when Judy Hopps drives around in a meter maid truck, chasing down Duke Weselton and the mystery of the stolen bag of what looks like onions? Your kids can be just like Judy Hopps and write out 200 tickets before noon, too!

  • Zootopia Action Figures

    Zootopia Action Figures

    These action figure sets include 2 characters per package. Collect all the 12 character packs that include Zootopia characters  Nick Wilde, Finnick, Judy Hopps, Assistant Mayor Bellwether, Kevin, Mr. Big, Mayor Lionheart, Lemming Businessman, Officer McHorn, Safety Squirrel, Officer Clawhauser, Bat Eyewitness, Duke Weaselton and Mouse Perpetrator.

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