DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray

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    Step 1: Inspiration

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    I've always found that the best DIY projects come from a practical need as well as an aesthetic desire. My need for this project springs from my continuing journey towards organization enlightenment. Now, if you are walking the path at around the same pace that I am, the following sequence of events should sound familiar: You come home from a long day, you toss your keys and jewelry somewhere in the vague direction of the mail on your countertop, you spend way too much time the next morning...MORE searching relentlessly for those exact same items. Ah, the joys of spiritual growth. I realized that my evolution had stalled somewhat one morning while on the way to work. I spent 10 minutes searching for my earrings and then another 10 minutes excavating my mail pile to find my keys. That was when I decided that reinforcements were in order. A dedicated catchall tray seemed like the ideal solution to my problem, so I went out in search of containers.

    I was looking for something floral with bright colors and a vintage feel, but much of what I found was made of acrylic and not in the style I desired. As I thought more about the look I wanted, I began reminiscing on a set of pretty floral saucers and teacups my grandmother owned and thought those would be perfect. I love vintage items because they take us back in time and often resonate with our childhoods and wonderful memories of loved ones. But shopping for vintage-inspired dishes also didn't yield the results I was after. Before I could become disappointed, though, my DIY instincts kicked in and I decided to create a catchall of my own that would align with my vision.

    I spotted the cupcake liners pictured above while searching online and remembered that I already owned scrapbook paper with similar patterns. A light bulb went off in my head and I immediately knew what my next project would be. I got ready the next day and went to a nearby home decor store to pick up some simple white ceramic dishes. I bought a mini condiment tray and a white mug. I also ventured to the craft store for new brushes and decoupage medium.

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    Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    As with many of my DIY projects, this one is not difficult or time consuming, and requires only a few supplies. The style of your catchall can evoke the vintage feel that I love or it can boast a more modern look depending on the pattern of scrapbook paper you choose. Continue reading for the full tutorial.

    To start with, here's a list of the items you’ll need for this project:
    Multi-surface decoupage medium
    Decoupage brush
    Scrapbook paper
    Ceramic dishes

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    Step 3: Choose Your Patterns

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    To evoke the vintage look, I chose a mint gingham scrapbook paper along with a pretty floral pattern. If you’re looking for a modern style, colorful geometric patterns, black and white chevrons, or a marble print will all work well.

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    Step 4: Cut Out Motifs

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    Now that you have your paper, you’ll need a pair of scissors that are tiny enough to maneuver and cut your motifs with accuracy. Don’t sweat it if you can’t cut super close to the pattern. I left a tiny border around my motifs, ensuring that I would keep the general shape of the flowers.

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    Step 5: Pre-Arrange Your Pattern

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    Decide on how you’d like to lay out your pattern. Play around with different placements on your dishes until you find the combination you love. I used more floral motifs and added the mint green gingham print as a contrasting accent.

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    Step 6: Apply First Coat Of Adhesive

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    Using your brush, apply a liberal coat of decoupage medium to your dish as well as the back of your motif.

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    Step 7: Arrange Motif

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    Apply the motif on your dish in the desired position, and paint another coat of decoupage medium over the top of your motif. Ensure there are no air bubbles and the paper is fully coated with medium. Brush away any excess decoupage medium that may leave thick marks on the dish,

    My medium has a matte finish to it, so I anticipated seeing a few brush marks when it dried. You can also opt for a satin or high gloss finish depending on your personal style.

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    Step 8: Repeat

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    Repeat steps 4-6 for your next dish and set everything to dry for about 1 hour or more, per the instructions on the decoupage medium bottle. Once that layer has dried apply 2 more coats of medium, allowing 1 hour drying between coats.

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    Step 9: Clean Up & Play The Waiting Game

    DIY A Vintage-Inspired Catchall Tray
    Krystle DeSantos

    My Medium’s instructions call for a full 28 days for the items to fully cure. I confess that I didn’t totally stick to this rule as I was very excited to use my new catchall and began using them after a week. If you plan on using your dishes near liquid though, I suggest that you follow the instructions and let the items cure completely.

    The condiment dish makes the perfect catchall tray for jewelry, but you can also use it at your desk to hold paperclips, push-pins or other small necessities....MORE The mug can be used to hold makeup brushes, pens or even a small bunch of flowers. Now when I come home, my keys and jewelry find their way to a place that will make it easy for me to find them the next time I go out. It may not be organization nirvana, but it's one step closer, and one more pretty thing that I see every day that makes me smile.