Adhesives for Your DIY Tool Kit

Pick up These Must-Have Supplies to Add to Your DIY Tool Kit

Before starting your next do-it-yourself project, make sure that you have the correct glue for your project to assure its sturdiness. This guide will help you pick the correct glue for your type of project, depending on what type of materials you are using, if the DIY is being done by children or adults.

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    Mod Podge

    Mod Podge

    Mod Podge 

    Use it to glue glitter, paper or photographs to glue on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, or fabric. Apply liquid mod podge with a brush or sponge and it will adhere and seal in one step. Available in a variety of finishes including matte and glossy.

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    School Glue (also known as White Glue or Craft Glue)

    School glue

    Elmer's Glue

    Liquid glue is non-toxic and suitable for children. and dries clear. It provides a light bond suitable for crafts that dries clear and can be used on paper, felt or glitter. 

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    Glue Stick

    Glue stick

    Uhu Stic

    Similar to school glue it is non-toxic and dries clear. Glue sticks are perfect for children or paper crafts as they are not messy.

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    Glue Dots

    Glue dots

    Glue Dots 

    Small double-sided pieces of tape designed to be used on photographs and paper to allow for a controlled application of glue that will not leak or damage photographs, the removable version doesn't leave a residue when removed. Glue dots are ideal for scrapbooking and card making.

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    Spray Adhesive

    Spray adhesive

    Spray Adhesive 

    Designed to apply a thin layer of glue over a large area, spray adhesive is best used for mounting paper or photographs or to temporarily hold stencils. Photograph safe, spray adhesive allows some time to re-position before the glue sets, and it can be applied to hold paper or photographs onto on paper, walls, canvas, wood, glass, and paper. Use in a well-ventilated area and cover nearby items, as you would with spray paint, that you do not wish to be covered with adhesive.

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    Glue Gun

    Glue gun

    Glue Gun 

    A heated glue that dries clear and provides a strong bond to plastic, paper, organic materials, fabrics, and ceramics. Use caution when using the hot glue or metal tip of the gun can cause skin burns as the glue and gun get very hot. Various types of glue are sold in stick forms that can be used either in high-temperature or low-temperature glue guns. One of the major advantages of using a glue gun is the glue sets very quickly.

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    A popular craft glue that provides a permanent bond that is flexible, washer and dryer safe, and dried clear. E6000 is suitable to use on glass, ceramics, glass, metal, photographs, and fabric and can be painted.

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    Fabric Glue

    Fabric glue

    Fabric Glue 

    A flexible liquid glue that is similar to E6000. It allows for a flexible bond that often is designed to be washed by hand or at times in a washing machine. Used typically on gluing pillow edges, decorating clothing, or for other fabric related crafts.

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    Epoxy is an adhesive resin that requires you to use two different tubes consisting of an activator and a hardener that, when mixed together, provide a very strong bond on paper, wood, glass, ceramic and metal. 

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    Super Glue (also known as Krazy Glue*)

    Super glue

    Krazy Glue

    Similar to epoxy super glue does not have the two-part application of the activator and hardener. Super glue provides a very strong bond on metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic. 

    *Krazy Glue is a specific brand of super glue.

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    Wood Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue*)

    Wood glue

     Gorilla Glue

    Wood glue provides a very strong adhesive on wood that dries yellow or white and is waterproof. This glue expands slightly when it dries, and can be sanded, painted or stained.

    *Gorilla Glue is a specific brand of wood glue.